Nate Diaz reflects on win vs. Anthony Pettis | UFC 241 Post Show | ESPN MMA

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 18 Αύγ 2019
During the UFC 241 Post Show on ESPN+, Nate Diaz joins the set to discuss his victory over Anthony Pettis at UFC 241 and why Jorge Masvidal is a worthy future opponent.
Watch the full show here:
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  • 5:15 truth!!

  • Triple C Is A Fan As Well As Nervous..

  • Look at this brain dead pot head.Weird how fight fans like brain dead fighters.Punchy people are kind of sad ,You hav to admit

  • "Boy, I Got Wrestling On Accident" - Nate Diaz [The Quote Of The Century]

  • “D100 baby” 😂

  • Chaels reaction to nate wrestle “on accident” brilliant 😂

  • The dudes brain is trying to recover and your slapping him with serious questions man leave that dude alone

  • Nate is the reason why I still watch MMA....always real and always satisfying to watch him fight.

  • Connor mcgregor is the goat

  • Cejudo looked pissed when Nate said all these 3 year champs let’s see where they are in 3 more years I bet they’ll all be gone and I’ll still be here 😂😂

  • Diaz bros are future UFC hall of famers for sure

  • Cejudo looking wide-eyed while Nate talks lol

  • diaz is such a g! lol

  • Oh they know what you're saying!

  • He has taken to many shots..

  • Damm Needs to check your brain. Alice n chains

  • Wow this fucking high level warriot retard doesn't even know what month it is. U and me both

  • I got it! Nate vs masvidal main event co main nick vs gsp

  • I hate it when active fighters commentate. If you want to commentate, retire first. Just a wired look

  • If nate wont be a hall of fame’r ill sue them

  • need subtitles

  • Henry looked uncomfortable when Nate said let's see if these new champions are here in 3 years.

  • Nate needs to fight Khabib. Nate fights D1 without even knowing it and puts them against the wall in practice.!

  • Diaz V.S khabib I feel like Diaz can shock the world again Lemme know🤔

    • Khabib would eat him alive.


  • Mike Tyson and Nate Diaz are sitting in a bar... Help finish the joke

  • I love chael hahaha

  • So what is a D1 wrestler?

    • NCAA Division 1 collegiate wrestling, cream of the crop wrestlers that are usually gunning for the olympics

  • F'ck you how bout that.. Ya know what I'm sayin Nate f'ckn Diaz represent!

  • You can tell Chael is such a huge fan of Nate haha, I love it.

  • Am I alone they were all 3 so hesitant to shake his hand lol...?? Did it in the end cause he's a bfm and gonna win that title too :)

  • They should really put subtitles when Nate talks.Same goes for Stipe of course.

  • Diaz still bitching that he's not the champ because of politics, money, popularity, etc. No Nate, its because you didn't win the fights that would have made you champ...

  • This guy is one punch away from being mentally retarded

  • You know what I'm saying hahahaha you go hard brother.

  • Hahaha I didn't know but we had 4 d1 wrestlers I didn't even know cause I didn't even know what that was hahahah legend

  • 🌼

  • Nate vs cejudo

  • Nate: I'm in no hurry but I'm not trying to sit out either Me: *confused*

  • A genius fighter... Crazy he has a great perspective on things

  • Love jon anik "that's alright, I think we're on the internet"

  • Accidental D1 wrestler

  • Love how all these dickriders talking about how much they love the Diaz Bros. Y'all been talking shit for years, get off the bandwagon. War Diaz don't need you.

  • I love me sum Nate DiaZ!!!

  • Diaz win or lose is still the MMA & UFC 209 mofo I'll be watching Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal live November 2nd

  • Henry’s internal monologue when he follows Diaz with his eyes at 4:47 : «Did this motherfucker intentionally diss me straight to my face? Wait, maybe he doesn’t know who I am...? Is he fucking with me or something? Man, this shit sucks.»

  • Blue belt

  • "Boy I got wrestlin' on accident" how can you not love this guy! It certainly tickled Sonnen :D

  • I'm here because of the Diaz Bros, I follow this stuff because of them and I don't think I'd care as much without them. They are MMA to me. The UFC is the controversy.

  • gotta love Nate! keeps it 100 & real

  • nate about to get crakced with jorge... "not a new name, been in longer than me ;)" good luck cant wait. Nate sounds like he "drunk"... or punch drunk but i feel he far beyond punch..

  • Lol funniest guy ever

  • Where is the "MVP" of UFC (TRIPLE C) now? :D When big guy´s speaks pussycat´s is allways quiet :D Oh sorry you absolutely deserve to be first intergender champ :D of course :D and then please go to PSYCHIC CLINIC.

  • Nate made these fools look like complete *DORKS* Atta boy Nate

  • Henry forgot to mention his gold medal 🥇

  • Nate is a goat fr fr 💯💯💯

  • "I don't even know what month it is" -Nate Diaz

  • I like how Nate shook the fighters hands like a G and the worker like a business AS IT GETS

  • Nate and Conor never fight so of course they will be around in 10 plus years lol. Fight 1 or two fights and disappear for 2 or 3 then fight a fight or two and disappear for 1 or more years . try fighting like cowboy cerone doing 3 to 5 fights a year. That's shut wears on you big time . fighting like nate and Conor does , that could keep em around for 15 more years really.

  • this should be a psa warning for smoking pot