New Land Rover Defender 2020 in-depth walk round - EVERYTHING you need to know.

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 10 Σεπ 2019
We’ve had our hands on the new Land Rover Defender! It’s one of the most recognisable off-roaders in history, but does the all-new Defender have what it takes to maintain its famous reputation? Join Mat for his first in-depth walk-round of this SUV legend and find out everything you need to know!
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  • Tonka toy

  • its more of a freelander..

  • looks crap and wont last...

  • Why is everyone hating on it so much? It's 2019 for crist sake they couldn't make it like something out of the 50's! I must be the only person in the world who likes it. And why are people claiming it's reliability is bad? I mean how would you even know?

  • Design and aesthetics took a backseat when the Indians took over at Land Rover. This new defender looks like a fattened up mini Cooper but with none of the charm.

  • Love from Cambodia 🇰🇭 😂 😘

  • Semms like I'm too conservative - the more I look at it, the more I hate the exterieur. Jeep, Suzuki and Mercedes did a much better job in the retrolook-departement.

  • Still ugly, probably the ugliest SUV in the world. Is it so hard to say that?

  • Did you see Hammond in the forest on the left or he was gone already?

  • So the same "secret location" that Drivetribe and, Top Gear and Carfection were at, which is actually the Land Rover Experience at Easton Castle....and.....that none of you actually got to drive as in all 'reviews' the cars haven't moved. Utterly pointless exercise.

  • who approved this for production? looks like a Chinese manufacturer badly copied a chinese manufacturer

  • What an ugly piece of crap. It's so bad, I suspect that if you show a picture if it to an old defender, it spontaniously blows it's fusebox.

  • It's a Tonka toy for grown ups!! I LOVE it....... Almost as must as the old model.

  • It looked hard, now it looks like air mattress...

  • Pls make comparison between defender and jeep wrangler. It would be even better if g-wagon is added too

  • I actually love this looks more rigged defiantly looking at getting one

  • That's a Discovery . Not a Defender , Im sorry

  • Great car but at between £50-80,000 I can't see many being bought for use on a farm etc.

  • Tows 3.5t, so it’s perfect for an expedition? Until one of it’s 85 ecu’s go into fault

  • *Freelander*

  • Phew, Huawei Defender! Bravo for Jeep and Mercedes!

  • I am...disgusted

  • No solid axle, aluminum frame, air suspension and 85 ECU! This is no Defender but a Multigender.

  • 3:04 Kaget, kontol!

  • Ugly

  • What a disappointment. Really looks like garbage.

  • Same spot Richard Hammond did his bit to camera. !

  • Pile of crap The Proper Series and Defenders were designed to be fixed by a man in a shed, This POS has to go back to LR every time to get any thing fixed on it, And like Every Land Rover it will break down and it will cost you an arm and a leg to get fixed. THIS IS NOT a DEFENDER, Call it what you will but it is Not a Utility Vehicle as per the Series and Defender Models, This looks like a freelander clone With Crap suspension that can be modified to suit Off Road Conditions, You need a Real Chassis and at leased One Proper Axle for it to be a REAL Off Roader, This is Now a Gay Defender, And is aimed at Asshole lawyers and Career Barbie's, JLA Should never of been allowed to be Sold to a Foreigner, Maybe they should of named it the Bollywood Buggy instead of Polluting the Name of Land Rover. JLA Owners you are a Bunch of Bastards.

  • Thats not a Defender... Thats a Pretender... It looks constipated.. I'm anti-abortion... but in this case I'd make an exception.. 🙄😒 😎👍☘🍺

  • The jimny is the closest match to the old Defender of any car. Non the less, this still looks great and I'd have one, rather a pity its made in Europe over the Uk however. Just another Brexit loss ;-(

  • Imported from a factory in Slovakia. Thank you Leave voters!

  • Gawg! I fuckin hate this. There is absolutely nothing about this car i like. Old Defenders, well anything pre this monstrosity will be going up in value. But it will sell, because plebs, school run mums and the vain will by this and it will never go off roading beacuse who takes thier 40-50k car off roading. FuCKiN NoOoOooO OnE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All Range Rovers looks the same shit now.. the Defender is disappointing and looks worse from the original legend.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂🙊

  • It's growing on me but still not 100% sure

  • Why does this remind me more of what a new Freelander would have looked like when compared to the legendary Defender that conquored Africa and the Amazon, this looks like it will struggle to match the off-road performance of the older Defenders, looks very plastic, lost all utalitarian look and feel, as a Landy fan I accepted the Disco and Range being curb bashers but for the Defender what a disapointment looks like a soft-roader

  • È un Suv


  • Ugly

  • Drive it.

  • This is as bad as going from iPhone 8 to the iPhone 10

  • Nah man, all these car brands obviously do not know what they are doing. It's like some dude with a Hawaiian shirt, Jorts (Jean shorts) and white socks and Grandpa new balances are designing these cars nowadays. These cars are fat and boxy nothing compared to the design that the 98 discovery of defender. Isuzu knows what they are doing, Jeep still knows what they are doing to this day. SUBARU and Toyota have known what to do forever. Land Rover needs to come back

  • No even close LR Defender 110

  • Wow. What a terrible car. The Defender was an icon. This is just a plastic focus group driven lump.

  • LOST US LAND ROVER! if your into green laneing GREAT, but in Australia no way. no chassis, no power, no bull bar - this is a land rover utilitarian 4wd? Now have to do what I never though I would - buy TOYOTA

  • I alway thought that the ugliest car in the world is Nissan Juke. Well, I was mistaken...

  • Land Rover Pretender

  • Does JLR think this new Defender will appeal to farmers, military, police etc? Starting at £40,000 it is too expensive and too complicated for traditional customers.

  • My question is: Does it come in manual?

  • Liking the 90

  • It is nice, but will never replace the old one. I want the old one over and over again whereas I don't even want to test drive this one. That price is disgusting to say the least, it will never be taken where the old girl went with such ease. So although it looks nice it doesn't give the market who bought the old one anything, it's too expensive and too techno to ever be as reliable in the mud, dirt, trenches, bush, no man's land as the old one was. So it's just become another soccer moms pavement hopping "ooh look at me" than a real mans "any challenge accepted" there and back again off road beast as the old girl was for how many decades. I dig Land Rover, always have but I live and farm in South Africa. I will never buy any of their new softies, the real off road plot has been lost.


  • Best Looking: G-Wag Most off road capable: Jeep Wrangler Would actually buy: Suzuki IDK what to think yet: Defender?

  • This is just badass

  • a huge expensive toy that has nothing to do with a defender, with an offroad car. It's just a suv for going to the supermarket, full of nonsense

  • It looks like an ideal family car to me :D

  • Just keep making the old one with some mod cons chucked in. People will still buy 'em. And what's the point of putting steelies on when you'll be worried about scratching ANY of it, let alone the wheels.

  • Surely a defender should be mechanically modern with as few electronic gubbins as possible at least in the basic model otherwise what's the point if it, just seems like another Discovery.

  • Looks shit

  • Horrid! Hate it. Land Rover, you need your heads tested!!! if you like it mate, that' s because it's as boring as your matching jumper. No individuality! It's just the same as all the other models now!!! No way am I changing defender for that complete load of shite! Shame! as Defenders had their very special meaty look, this is a school run girlies car. How to absolutely spoil and iconic vehicle! Please keep it secret because I don't want to see it again!!!! Ps I can say that as I am a girlie LOL. The horsepower on my Benelli is more than that ugly piece of metal!!!