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  • Nobody does that when they get new sneakers I can see if you don't want them them to get dirty or don't want anyone to step on them !duh

  • 1:16 - me

  • Im other people

  • This is so stupid

  • What’s the reason for this ?

  • Does anyone realize that they copied dude perfect in the Grocery store stereotypes? Not cool, don’t copy people! #unsubscribed

  • this isnt a me vs other people if it was they would have two clips showing the two people

  • Bhukkad ladki

  • 1st clip this guy is coping Zack king

  • That's about it chese

  • 8:31 how to be single and forever alone

  • 8:14 她在做什麼啊⋯⋯

  • Vous avez remarquez que c un livre français

  • eww

  • สนุก

  • Sneezing is me

  • At the very top

  • At 6:14 you can see some one letting go of her hair

  • Uhm...do ya have dabidis

  • Do you know what I hope you get a ticket because you just littered a whole box of tissues for your brand new sneakers

  • 02.26 me 👌🤳🤳

  • Anyone noticed that the supermarket is greek?Are you from Greece?

  • 3:20 Are you in a Greek supermarket??

  • 2:19 I saw the sale 😏

  • They are from Cyprus

  • Super ugly

  • Panget Ugly Super eww

  • 9:23 who noticed her jacket changed

  • That super market is in Greece you are from Greece?

    • No there may be other same super markets like it

  • Oh, don't leave a note, I'd say no. I take that chocolate! I have no friends this is me, Jeff. 👼 Here is my sister Sophia, my name is actually fin. The boy++++ 💁 I want friends. Please help. Like if people can survive without friends. You killed me.

    • Oh but what for the bottom comment I don’t understand

    • @Emily Woodward Oh and Woodward You should go to Matildas cottage in the woods and squidward

    • @Emily Woodward Really that is true, my baby brother is a baby just pressed a girl because I am a girl. I'm not a baby. Is this an insult?

    • Your a baby

  • Copy of dude perfect video

  • Copyer

  • Like si eres español

  • 8:33 is totally not me only sometimes. Lol I’m really picky about the texture, taste, color

  • This vid describes my life

  • 8:23 made me cringe. Why.

  • Greece

  • Everything is imitated by dude perfect

  • When she put the whole cheese I cringed😁

  • Why you why you bully me

  • 1:22 is literally me !!😵😵😂😂lol.

  • 😜😜😜😜😜😜

  • Who eats fries like that though

  • Всички пишат на различни езици. Защо не и аз така 😂

  • I Love you

  • I think she is from Greece or Cyprus. Because there was the world "παξιμάδια"

  • Συγνώμη αλλά γιατί στο σούπερμάρκετ στα παξιμάδια έγραφε πανω τους στα ελληνικά "παξιμάδια" και πάνω στα πατατάκια έγραφε στα ελληνικά "φουρνιστα"

    • Είναι από την Κύπρο Στην τράπεζα έγραφε ΚΟΙΝΩΚΥΠΡΙΩΝ

  • 6:14 did any one els see the hand holding up her hair? 😂

  • 7:17 Me Vs My Siblings

  • iM nOT LiKE oThER GiRLs