peter parker making pop culture references

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hello i'm sorry this video is SO short but the video i had made got blocked worldwide by disney for endgame footage so i had to make this super fast ! hope you enjoy! spider-man is the best
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  • “You ever see this really old movie ‘Aliens’?” I don’t know why but when he said that he was 10x more adorable.

  • It’s funny because the movie is called “Alien” not “Aliens” lol

  • 1:34 Peter being Tony for 5 seconds

  • I still don't get any of these references.

  • Should have added the part where Fury said Peter wouldn't understand Tony's quote because it wasn't a Star Wars reference

  • Tony used to make references... 😔

  • Even though I’m peter’s age, the Led Zeppelin one makes me incredibly sad.

  • Ac/dc plays Peter: *I F***ING LOVE LED ZEPPELIN*

  • "the walking thingy" me trying to explain something



  • Marvel just needs to keep the kid.

  • Captain America be like "I dont understand those references"

  • This is basically Avengers Infinity war but only when Spiderman is in it

  • 1:32 When my dad and I saw Far From Home, a part of him died when Peter said that.

  • Your powers are inconsequential compared to mine... *Yeah, but the kid's seen more movies*

  • I love him

  • I just see after Spiderman out of the MCU, now ir makes me cry.. 😔😭


  • 'THE SNOW PLANET WITH THE WALKING THINGIES!' Either Peter forgot the technical names due to the stress of battle or he just went for general terms so the others could understand him. I refuse to believe he genuinely didn't know the right terminology.

  • i didn't understand anything

  • F

  • I didn't carbon-date him LMAO

  • The most unrealistic part is that the nobody else saw those movies.

  • Well he's a teenager also I'm sad he's leaving

  • "Ahhh woahwoahwoah please don't put your eggs in me" -spiderman

  • Chris Pratt’s face when Peter said “it never was a good movie” or something, I will never forget that face of utter betrayal that’s really petty but you will never live it down

  • He's such a stupid character

  • _what he doesn't realize is_ *HE IS IN A MOVIE*

  • I miss hoco Peter

  • "It NeVeR wAs"

  • Y'all just wait till Tony buys Sony and we'll get our spidey back😁😁

  • If you look at the thumbnail and move up and now quick it looks like Tony is dancing to a song

  • *plays AC/DC* Peter: I LOVE Led Zeplin Happy: ... •_• 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • *i do not want to hear a SINGLE pop culture reference out of you* Remember the time of the “walking thingys”? 🤣

  • That footloose one made me laugh sooooo much

  • #bringbackspiderman

  • this hurts now

  • Huh I thought this be one hour or two

  • “I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN” had me cracking up 😂😂

  • The last one, I swear I was the only one who laughed in the theater. I had to explain to my OLDER brother. 🤦🏻‍♀️


  • rip peter, we love you.

  • "Yeah but the kid has seen more movies"

  • Why did Sony take spider man back :((


  • i LoVe LeD zEpPeLiN

  • What about "spellbooked" running out of ideas for X minutes straight??

  • When GR-tv recommend this to me after the Sony and Disney thingy

  • man, i miss civil war. i was 16 when it came out. 😭❤️

  • Yeah but the kid has seen more movies

  • #SaveSpiderMan

  • can’t believe they aren’t making spiderman 3

  • and we might not see stuff like this anymore 😔

  • I lOve LeD zEpPeLiN!! No. Just no.

  • Star lord: is foot lose still the greatest movie Peter: it never was Nobody: Me:

  • Starlord- footloose is the greatest movie Parker- it nEvEr was -triggered star lord -

  • Well all know he seen old movies lol

  • I’ll miss him.

  • i feel like you already did this but if not you should do a video of nat trying to get steve a date