Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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There is nothing more satisfying than a plunger trick shot! Trust us.. try it!
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  • 2:00 imagine if there was no board...

  • -golf car

  • swagger 2:49

  • DP: what should we do next Panda: the toilet is clogged DP: perfect

  • Safer than knife or axe throwing 👍🏻

  • What if two of the guys threw a plunger at each other, and the plunge part stuck to the other one? Totally savage!

  • Plunger trick shots. What has this world come too?

  • Do cricket trickshots

  • We come from different places Their homes But have the same name DUDE PERFECT

  • R.I.P windshield

  • That’s so easy do something better

  • You guys should do archery

  • build a boat battle 2

  • Out of all things, you choose plungers Next is Garret trick shots then Cory trick shots and Then Anything trick shots Then Ty will be picked for Wheel Unfortunate

  • Dp: apalogies to people who think we still make it on the first try... we don't.

  • Did anyone notice that all the plunger trick shots went with the beat?

  • Should of through one at garrets head that would of stuck

  • Like indonesia 👍

  • After watching this... Mom:where's your plunger Me:ummm... don't know Plunger:...on the celing Mom:ummm I see the plunger Me:ahhh oml RUN

  • # love the music

  • 2:35 that smile 😂😂......

  • You should STICK to this.....

  • I feel you guys can do better its like you ran out of ideas but keep up with those great stunt/tricks

  • Fav trick shot vid yet

  • Love the music

  • On the golf cart when they broke the windshield cool he said first try but I was actually second try 👇👍🏻

  • Is that SwaggerSouls behind the door?

  • Can you pls do more trickshots with Pringles cans

  • hi

  • So cool.

  • Could we get another basketball ball vid

  • Now from dude perfect you became dude cleaners

  • You guys are the best at trickshots , I’m new

  • I loved the side by side wind shield brake

  • Can you guys play a big nerf war

  • 2:46 Cody: you guys will never guess what’s about to come out that door Me: SWAGGERSOULS!!!!

  • This is the video that I don’t remember anyone asking for, but I now can not imagine a world without it.

  • Nobody: Absolutely no one: Fortnite:

  • Pluger trick short2'3

  • What happened to all the real trick shots

  • These nine year olds who still think this is real

  • Dp: were making dp plungers only fer trickshots

  • 1:59 were do think the plunger was going to go if that broad was not there

  • Awesome dudes so cool

  • Mario:ok wait.... wheres my plunger Luigi:I don't have mines either Dude perfect: *throws plunger* Mario: ._. Oh yea

  • I don’t know why this would be family friendly

  • 2:46 its swaggersouls

  • great video

  • All this video is, is the understanding of how rotations work.

  • You are my inspiration. One day I will🤸⛹️🤾⚽🏈🎾⚾🥎🏏🏑🎿🥅🏹⛳🎣🏓🥏🎯

  • Historia Roblox

  • You guys should do more air soft battle

  • I’m starting to think that Coby won’t win another battle ever. again.

  • I need Panda back! Who else misses him?

  • Mario’s plumerias trick shots

  • throws plunger to the ground... calls it a trick shot

  • Dp is out of ideas

  • could you please do a zax trick shot challenge a zax is a axe that has suction cups at the end just another idea.

  • Love how the plungers stick to things in the beat in the song

  • Me: hey lemme check youtube to see what really creative videos you tubers have posted today! Dp: pluger trick shots Me: what the...

  • Unite states

  • My friend 8

  • Old

  • Im 9 yers

  • Can i Join

  • @dudeperfect you guys should invent a tailgate game involving the plunger technology. I'll take 1% of sales.

  • I think you are so amazing at trick shots

  • wow i absolutely love the timing in every shot its awesome

  • They're running out of ideas

  • I'd saying that DP is jumping the shark, but they'd probably run with it and have an episode where they jump sharks.

  • العرب

  • I would like to hilight the music and plunger sound sync starting at 0:31

  • Next up TP trickshot

  • Can you do plunger trick shots 2.0

  • 3:48 My dad(Garett) when my lil bro plays with the ball near the TV.

  • The song says we are they pokemon

  • This is a family friendly version of axe throwing

  • If this comment hits 2,5 k likes panda will show his face!!

  • 3:33 does the lyrics of the song goes " *we are the pokemons* " ?

  • Ty is no longer interested in the dp but i think all of them are about to break up.This maybe a rumour.

  • Garret for ever

  • What life decisions led me to watch grown men throw plungers into walls

  • 2:00(^ω^)

  • I always thought they were used for toilets:/ I guess not!

  • Is that swagger soles 2:50

  • Que cracks

  • 1:29 made me so mad every plunger was 2 spaces apart but the last one was 3

  • Cory and Coby: we love plungers 0:44 then I say yeah only if they stick

  • Swagger souls ily

  • Weird flex but ok

  • Finally some bloopers😀😂

  • It's less interesting when u its fake :/

  • The amount of likes on the comment is how many times dp gets a noise complaint

  • Dp:Man,what’s the next video about? *fixes toilet and then throws it in the bin* Dp:dude,your amazing.......

  • why does coby look so weird in the start

  • Why not Magnet trick shots?

  • More bloopers please

  • I want a orange plunger

  • Do xzilo trick shots

  • 3:53 the other 2 TVs they broke on the sides