Richard Hammond reveals the new Land Rover Defender

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 10 Σεπ 2019
After much anticipation, the new Land Rover Defender is finally here! Richard Hammond found a spanking new 90 and 110 in the middle of the woods somewhere and it looks like he approves of the redesign of the British off-roading icon. Watch as he takes you through all the main features of the 2020 Defender!
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  • NOT a Defender!

  • Couldn't say what I think of it. Not on an open forum anyway.

  • BMW7 should be made rugged like LR Defender

  • It's wrong ! Plain wrong.......

  • Land Rover has lost there way . From hard core off-roader to computerize spaceship.. I will never buy a new model . Old school or nothing!

  • there are only two 4WD capable enough for australia's outback. first and by far, nissans famous patrol, especially the y61 model, aka GU model. secondly (still good, but not as capable and double the price of a patrol), toyota's famous land cruiser. a defender might be ok for european circumstances, but I wouldn't trust them over here, where reliability decides over life and death. btw, computer and all the jazz you've got to offer for the interior, is in general a bad thing for 4WD's. remember, the less you have, the less can fail. my nissan patrol y61 GU model (DX version), was the cheapest and at the same time, best option available (for me and what my intent was on using it). it has no power windows, and not even a carpet, but everything I need to get to cape york if I wanted. axles and diffs with manual locks, are the best I have seen so far. all you need to do to decide if you want AT's or muddies, and choose between a two or three inch suspension lift. always keep in mind, it was made in europe for european conditions. but as soon as it gets really rough, and your life depends on it, because you have no reception - and even if you have a satellite phone, it could take days for help to arrive, trust me, that's nothing you want to happen, just because a computer fails!

  • rover is bust ... forgetit this just show it at least we will have the "modern" new rover coming in, if its below 100k ... i will me one of this babys

  • Wow yeah I'd own one! But have to say it looks a bit like what the Discovery used to look like, not that the it would matter that much to me. Bet the price would be unbelievable here in Australia.

  • Doug Demuro cant wait to get his bumper to bumper on this one

  • this is a great new real off road car the kardashians can drive on sunset blvd.

  • hairdressers car

  • Very disappointing replacement. Typical bland Yeti type vehicle mass produced by everyone and sundry. Who wants all this useless electronic stuff which will only breakdown over time(or straightaway) in particular with Landrover's poor electronic history. Recipe for disaster. Would never consider changing my non-tech defender 90 wolf for this thing. Looking forward to the Grenadier though.

  • So why didn’t they just modernise the old body style with up to date euro compatibility.

  • The Lego version is far superior in every way

  • Behold...The new Range Rover Defender

  • Over priced, marketing success with same videos borrowed by different car journalists .

  • 🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

  • So Land Rover did it's best to convince us to stick to the old model. Or buy the new Rubicon. Nobody wants an off roader to go to the mall with, we want proper off road looks and reliability.

  • A very cute city car...

  • Has none of the charm and simplicity of the original. Looks like just another SUV targeted at soccer moms.

  • I simply don't understand what LR are doing. They have the RR, RR Sport, RR Velar, Posh Spice, Discovery, and so on - all Chelsea tractors, and now instead of developing a Defender replacement, true off road vehicle, they bring out another Chelsea tractor. Why? WTF were they thinking.

  • Isn't Land Rover / Jaguar owned now by 50 % TATA = India company and 50 % Cherry = the Chinese State owned company ??? I believe SOOOOO ! Anyone for a half India / Half Chinese vehicle to spend a large amount of cash on ??? Oh heard the Chinese People are actually protesting out side the manufactures facilities about how poorly the Land Rovers are being made and sold them ??? To give it some authenticity how about changing the accent to a India / Chinese sounding accent VOICE MODE ! Just saying !

  • Hmmmm no farmers in them or car mechanics gamekeepers etc etc etc etc

  • I bet you it will have lots of electrical problems, recalls and quality issues, just give it time.

  • The fact that you're using a defender to go to a Monte Carlo casino means this is not a real defender.

  • The third front seat is actually seriously clever design.

  • why this car for me looks like SKODA YETI???

  • Disappointing. Making Defender similar to the remaining Land Rover line up with loads of tech... instead of building a modern simple car with icon capability. The awful design is topped by the wheel arch notch that is already embarrassing now. Why do I feel, the G class did this better?

  • This is a legend that he turned into something useless aren’t you inspired when u see a G wagon?

  • This new Defender is a mess! The designer needs to be fired for this mess !

  • He clearly said , don’t think it’s a “discovery” y’all know it looks like a discovery in my opinion u guys should have done everything but keep the original shape! Let’s talk about a “G wagon Mercedes” it’s been around decades a lot have changed but they have kept the originality it it! I would rather keep an old one that this bulshit! The designer needs to be fired for this mess!!

  • I never liked this creepy rat infantile man, and I like him even less (if that is possible) after hearing his sell - out, paid -for rhetoric about this travesty of a car! IT IS NOT A DEFENDER!!!!! It is a totally different vehicle that bares NO resemblance to a proper Defender. It should have been called something else. I sincerely hope that no defender owner buy this horrible monstrosity. Land rover had an ideal opportunity to make their iconic defender something amazing by adding modern technology and improving on the real defenders obvious faults cabin width, engines, soundproofing, seating position, suspention, etc) .They also had a virtually captive enthusiast market that would buy that vehicle. But no, they ignored all their customers and produced this travesty! I would call it 'an imposter', but you cannot call it even that, as it bares absolutely no resemblance to the original! Disgraceful! Holly : )

  • Well, you sold it to me!

  • Seems JLR forgot who and what the defender is used for... so sad.

  • Not impressed. For some of us who have used the real defender in the dirt roads of Africa, this is defender is disappointing. It looks like the designer were working with the European and North America market in mind. This vehicle may appeal to celebrities It doesn't appeal to many in my farming communities in the African Bush.

  • no one will buy this that ever leaves the tarmac

  • That's a crime against humanity on wheels

  • As a Volkswagen Polo driver, my personal point of view don’t fit to that lovely vehicle.

  • if it can do more than the previous Defender in terms of offroad capability then it's ok.

  • I like it except all this electronics.

  • To bad if you get an error message in the middle of nowhere, old defender anyday

  • A monocoque defender. Who knew?

  • Nice Tony Stark style Richard!

  • A great video with a great looking vehicle combined with an old classic presenter. Awesome!

  • Jesus I can paractically hear the money he was paid to say this. I hope he got richer and used the money to have a real custom Defender built. He sounded rough saying "this isn't just another discovery". This hurts.

  • Terrible looking-house mom-school run atrocity.

  • Won't be good in the tropics, the humidity will probably destroy half of the 85 ECU's.

  • Looks great this new KIA SOUL!

  • If you want a man's SUV buy American. If you want a mom's SUV buy a Land Rover.

    • Bullshit, American amongst the most unreliable in the world. Just like their military, all the gear but no idea.

  • LOL Land Rover brand is such a joke

  • Whiney baw bags here

  • The new Fisher Price Land Rover... oh wait, the new Land Rover Fisher Price special edition. It must be the toy as the Hamster looks full size!

  • No thanks I'm off out looking for a Fiat Panda Sisley 4x4 😁

  • Horrible !!

  • DEFENDER 🤔🤣😂😅😥 4X4 🤔🤣😂😅😥 MADE BY MATTEL

  • wow don't need to comment its not a defender as so many have said such a shame

  • Pity about the horrible piece of plastic in the middle of the rear side windows.

  • I've got a 110 to but my tools in the back, pull a 3.5t trailer across a muddy field, what the fuk is landrover trying to sell me, nothing here! it's another posh motor that's going down the same road as Triumph/BSA and other British manufacturers. They should of come out with a Agricultural/working vehicle, basic model first.

  • It could be tougher.

  • Legend