ROAST ME (not clickbait)

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 16 Μάι 2018
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OOooooOOOooOOoKKKK SOOOOOO let's all remember that I have feelings HAHAHAH so like ROAST ME, but don't break my heart and soul LOL. Thanks in advance for ur help with my "market research". For real I'm SOOOOOO excited to do another Roast Yourself and y'all technically get to be a huge part of it... so.... GO TEAM!!! See u sunday!!
♡ XO lauren
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  • Girl love your colorful house

  • Just get Wendy’s to roast you! Cause I don’t have the heart to...

  • I would roast you but you have already been roasted


  • Roses are red violets are blue Sugar is sweet but so are you The roses are wilting the sugar bowl is empty And so is yo head. #nottoberude

  • Your DIYs are so good Leonardo DaVinci is crying Was that good Wait it was a roast that's ok I don't want to burn myself 😏😂😜😋😏🤗🤣😎🤩😑😐🤨⛈🌩🌪

  • You can’t even do DIY

  • Your eyebrows are faker than Kim Ks butt

  • Wanna here a joke?....... Your life Jk your awesome

  • That rainbow dress and top is so cute.🍭

  • You mum dropped you of at school she got a ticket for litering Jk i love you

  • My mom told my take the trash out ... But I couldn’t find u 🤯😱 I love you Lauren I would never say that

  • Ok I'll roast you so hard Boi

  • Hey Lauren do u need a tesho for ur ishouse or na all of that was just jk

  • Don’t stand to close to the heater Lauren cause plastic melts

  • Were you born on a highway cause that’s we’re most accidents happen

  • My grandma said her tooth Hunt over your sweetness Weit she doesn’t have any

  • I know where u shop lol 😂

  • I cant roast u lauren your to awesome!!!

  • OMG..I DONT WANNA ROAST YOU BUT HERE WE GO: I want to slap you,but it would be animal abuse

  • At mc.donalds I saw u on the menu "Chicken Nugget" lol jk

  • #goals

  • Alex in the back ground😂😁

  • your meanie /:(

  • No offense but you always put in plugs for your instagram

  • Don’t let anybody with you roast you you’re a queen bee

  • There is nothing to hate on

  • Imma roast u U have a target prob U so obsessed with your dog have u even heard of friends?! Jkjk love you♥️😂

  • Ur a potato

  • Aye I can’t roast u laur❤️

  • i told my mom i was roasting a marshmallow and she replied was i lauridiy

  • this is so cute 2:51

  • I sooooooo wish I was u

  • Sure, I’ll roast you..’s....... I can’t.

  • I was like to my friend have you watched laurdiy she so cool and she said yes she us a scank i said scanks have boobs

  • Your toooooo pretty

  • Alright I am realll late on this but when she was showing the shelves and all her colorful books I saw CHILDREN OF EDEN! Any Joey fans out there? 🤔 Knowing Lauren tho she prob only bought it cause of the colorful cover 😂

  • DIY queen who??? JK I love you lauren ❤️

  • Yes do an other Mr.Kate and love your videos so much I watch them every day

  • yo why you have blode hair when your so tan and yeah it look so bland

  • Lauren, lil YT tip use ur bloopers in 1 vid for when ur sick

  • I haven’t seen Alex nor Lauren in the office at ALL!

  • Shut the fuck up. Holy shit who gives a fuck about you.

  • My Roast is.... You are the best DIY PERSON ON GR-tv✂️✂️

  • First

  • My roast : You only make DIYs because you don't have enough money to buy anything store made Why would I do that.....

    • GirlyGamerKW i know she told us to roast her but like, how can she afford the things if she doesn't have any money? How would she buy a camera?

  • 4

  • I just realized why she wanted us to roast her... I think... Lauren just posted roast your self rap 2 so she needed new roasts

  • I don’t wanna roast you but here’s a roast ...... why would you call yourself a diy queen more like the idiot queen IM SOOOO SORRY

  • noo I would never ever try to roast you