Robert Parker - '85 Again (feat. Miss K)

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    • Thank you from Brazil for this video New Retro Wave!

    • May I have these tunes on cd's?

    • +Robert Parker This is such a great song. Wow....

    • Please, what's the name of the movie she's playing?

    • Ty7

  • is he jon Cryer?


  • Cool tune.

  • Last year, I listened to this song to relax during the summer, while thunderstorms were passing in my area.

  • 👂 excellent.

  • The 80's was the greatest of all decades. Pop culture exploded but there was still an innocence to it that can't be replicated. I feel unbelievably lucky to have grown up in the 80's.

  • 1985….I remember what happened on Heysel stadium. Watched it live on TV. 29th of May.

  • Właśnie przeniosłem się w czasie do roku 1985 !!!!! Bardziej genialnego utworu z kategroii NRW jeszcze nie słyszałem !!!! NUMER 1 od lat !!!!!


  • ..I was 15 yrs old when this song come 2019 I still luv this song...

  • This is my new favorite song ever.

  • Andy?

  • I'm born 1966. Was Nananannineteen in 1985.

  • The dude on the right, is that Alan from 2 1/2 men? :O

    • It's Matthew Broderick, he looks similar like Alan Harper.

  • Masterpiece

  • The 80's, the best decade!

  • In 1983 we looked forward to 1999, 30 years later we are looking back to 1985...

  • I can’t say I really like too many NRW tracks with vocals, but THIS is just wonderful.

  • Damn we all reminisce about a time period where we had so much heart and originality now I truly understand the term "Back in my day", smh

  • 🎸🎸🥁🎸🎸🥁🎸🎸🥁 🎸🎸🥁🎸🎸🥁🎸🎸🥁 🎸🎸🥁🎸🎸🥁🎸🎸🥁🥁🥁🥁

  • I can't remember, what was the year again?

  • amazing track! I need more of this plz.

  • Love you !

  • Adoro essa música.

  • 80s 90s 00s best music real music disco dance

  • miss K be straight killin it

  • Hello! from New world year 5000

  • Super!!!!!

  • i was born in 1979 and this music brings back so much joy and smiles in my heart.. I just want to go back and walk around with a big smile on my face.:)

  • Year of the song? / año de la canción?

  • This very video was the moment when I "got" Synthwave a few years ago. I had heard the genre before, but this track made me truly get it :)

  • One of the best NRW tracks, no doubt about that. After 3 years I love this track so much

  • Absolutely awesome! Love the 80's vibe

  • 2:20 старый ,манящий электронный звук !

  • --> is that allan from two and a half man ?

  • It reminds me a lot of Cyndi Lauper, Berlin and Blondie

  • 2019?

  • Amazing song ....

  • No one I know in real life listens to stuff like this, so I’m subscribing to all who leave comments... I need new friends 🤦‍♂️

  • Molly was a stunner

  • 🇻🇮💯💯💯🦄🦄🤟🤘classic 💯💯 80s

  • I born in 88 and my country(Costa Rica) did never updated in the 90's very quickly so I could say I did glimpse the 80's because anyway I grew up listening to that decade music. People were more nice in that time I swear and make friends by tons nowadays everybody is a "king or queen" assholes, I wish to press a reset button for this fucked up world we live in.

  • I am responsible for half of the views

  • Mi canción favorita. Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱

  • My gf was born in 85 and this song reminds me of her !

  • who here is still listening in 1989?

  • Lucky to live through and remember the 80's as a kid and teenager. Pure magic. Synthwave brings it back.

  • Hot diggity what a tune! I needz moar of theez plz

  • Man soll nicht zu dumm seign ..

  • WOW best music

  • 2019 классно!!!

  • O_O Mind Blown

  • looks a lot like scarlett johansson

  • I'm 34 in 2 days. 1985

  • pura música chingona...Gracias NewRetroWave,,,,

  • keep on your deed.. art nobody understands it!!! from df with love

  • 2019?

  • Good song, the best times

  • Must say, I'm not from the 80's (Born in 1990) but I love the music and style of the 80's!

  • Easily one of my favourite YT channels

  • I love this song

  • Replay Again.

  • Muito bonito o trabalho de quem deixa essas músicas ainda mais belas. Diferenciado, totalmente nostálgico, tô viciada

  • 2019?

  • Was this the Charlie Sheen brother at the right corner :)

  • 2019 ? ..

  • i was born 1985 , december 12

  • I am 45 yrs old now and the 80s is the music I grow old with. It's wonderful how young people are coming back and refreshing their ears and hearts. Never stop falling in love and keep dreaming about life. Good music is the perfect sndtrk for your lifetime .

  • Can somebody tell me who's that girl and guys that you see during that video? Is it from a movie?

    • Andrew McCarthy, Molly Ringwald and John Cryer in 1986 cult classic "Pretty in Pink"....

  • Anyone listening in 1989?

  • Alan Harper😍

  • 1985.... the year I was born :) and the same year the NES came to the US.

  • This song is Dragon Energy.

  • Por dios que temaso!

  • Sexy bomb

  • Die guten alten 80er😁

  • I will born in 2056. I love this music.

  • Awesome

  • the year i turned 7 but the sound puts me right back, it was everywhere. in 1985 you couldn't escape synthesizers if you tried.

  • Let's all turn 2019 into everything that we love about this track and we SHALL have '85 again!

  • I swear the chick in the middle looks like a female version of moot.

  • I was born 1984 an all I got to say 80s, 90s an early 2000s era was the best. Now this era is a disgrace

    • +nnslg : ) Well Said... : ) Now I am not sure WHAT to think... Each Era is significant in their own way... Neither one is a "disgrace" and this is a fabulous fusion of BOTH generations... OK, so How is that ?

    • Technically this era isn't a disgrace because we have music like this, inspired by music from decades past.

    • I was 1982 ... your words are SPOT ON...! Could not have said it better : )

    • Agreed. Hopefully the 2020’s will be cool though!

  • i want this to be longer with more singing :(. awesome song.

  • This song alone got me through 2017.. one of the toughest years for me.. stuck in London working on a film... unable to see my family. I played it walking to and from work.. I played it in the gym.. it's such a powerful song! I think for me the singing about having 85 again.. I was translating it as an easier time.. esp in light of 2017 hell. It's probably why I fell in love with this song so much. Thank you Robert Parker.

  • Only 6 in ‘85, but even then knew it was a magical time

  • la cancion de intro de la serie de ark to the future de nexxuz paps

  • Was 15 in 85 & YES.... this IS what it felt like. Could not imagine being a young person in today's culture. 😳

  • This song sounds like something that Erasure or New Order would have played in the 80s.

  • Why can't songs like this be on the pop charts?

  • From RussiA with LoVe🤘👍

  • I'm 93 and I wish I was 85 again...

  • Love this song and it takes me back to my first crush ❤️

  • put it on auto-reverse.

  • 😋😊😉

  • The 1980s were the most special time of my life, especially in early 1985, when the 70s hadn't completely gone out and the 80s hadn't fully begun. But, once the 80s truly came into its own, it was a ride that I never wanted to stop. When my life flashes before my eyes for the last time, I want it to slow down for the 80s.

    • nice one, cheers

  • I'm level 38 now and I approve this song !

  • such beautiful lyrics.

  • This is so hip. Mid to late 80s....The guy with the fluffy grey jacket, a spitting image of me at university back early 90s! Where has my life gone (sic)....

  • Ik feel myself 7year again!