Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ Impressions: A Great Duo!

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 7 Αύγ 2019
Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are a fascinating duo. You're gonna want the 10 Plus.
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  • 6:55 I should mention... that should say 256/512GB of STORAGE, not RAM 😅

  • Headphone Jack is so underrated! A lot of older cars don't have bluetooth streaming. I have a 2011 Mercedes s550 that has bluetooth phone calls but not streaming. Won't upgrade if I can't play music from my phone in one of my cars! It seems like they took a feature away to just take a feature away...

  • Anyone know what and where I can find the square wallaper he had on?

  • I was against getting rid of the headphone jack for a long time too, but time to let it go. most people use bluetooth anyways, they do give you wired headphones, and if you really want to use your own wired headphones, get a cheap adapter on Amazon.

  • You forget that the bigger batery is equalized by the bigger size and resolution screen. It uses more energy.

  • No earphones jack = no buy

  • Where did you get that wallpaper and what's the name of it?

  • What kind of wallpaper is that

  • I like this dude. His delivery and review is clear and concise. Will be coming back to this channel for more!

  • Where the hell is your Note 10 plus review, taking forever

  • Logical people: lol it's so expensive. You can get a OP7 for half that. Me: Yes but it's shiny

  • No, micro SD card in the 10???? Yeah, that's a no for me dawg.

  • Hi. Plz send me the link for the wallpaper which is installed n the phone

  • 3.5mm😥

  • Im using my note 10+ to watch this video 🤭

  • I hate the no headphone jack...I hated when they got rid of the cassette player in new cars.....can't use my sweet mix tapes.

  • Thanks for not being not totally bias on smaller Note 10. I dont know why other reviewers mocking the sh*t out of smaller note. Im just a regular guy that watches youtube, check mails, check whatsapp msgs, listen to spotify. For me, 6.3" display is already big

  • "If you can fit an entire pen inside of a phone than you can fit a headphone jack." I think because they managed to fit an entire pen they couldn't fit a headphone jack because there was no other room but hey, those are just my thoughts. I always use Bluetooth anyways, (and galaxy buds are really good and convenient) so it wouldn't affect me. Seriously, people are saying they're abandoning Samsung only because they removed the headphone jack but that sounds ridiculous to me. If you have the money to pay a grand for a flagship phone you can easily buy a Bluetooth headphone or if you don't like Bluetooth you can use the USB headphone. I don't know about you weird people but that's a great phone. I don't have the money to buy it though, sadly.

  • you can re-map the side key to the power menu, leaving bixby forever :) Found that out yesterday after getting the Note 10+ With the $200 store credit I got going though the Samsung pre-order, was able to pick up the bluetooth wireless buds and some extra charging goodies, so the headphone jack is a non issue for me personally.

  • I just cannot, and will never buy into the idea of buying a phone that comes with a pen. Ever.

    • You don't know what Ur missing 😂 using your fingers is so last century lol

  • I received my Galaxy Note 10+ and realized there was something like a screen protector, just like Sony phones used to have. Am I correct or am I to remove it? Any comments?

  • Ive already got mine! Well, my dad's, actually. Just wanna say its awsome!

  • I bought it

  • Gift me one yey

  • I just mapped my bixby button on my note9 to be my power off button just to make it feel like a note10 with a headphone jack 🤣🤣🤣

  • What’s the deal with 90hz man? Not everyone is a power Gamer !

  • 90% of people doesn't use their phone to its full potential. This phone is an overkill spec wise. This trend of consumerism isn't very sustainable and healthy.

    • Agreed! That's why when I purchase a note 8, I will not be looking to upgrade for many years

  • Samsung is already out of the competition from past 2 years.

  • Been an iPhone user my whole life, and I placed my pre order for the Samsung galaxy note 10(small version) today. Release on Friday so I pick it up then. Super nervous about the switch... :/

  • Marques, you definately can remap the Bixby button to do what a normal power button would do. I did it on my note 10

  • Before watching this, I watched the Verge's abbreviated version of the Note 10 event. I love how Samsung didn't mention things that would annoy people, like the fact that the sleep/wake button is also now the Bixby button. Thumbs up, Marques, for mentioning some of the negatives.

  • Besides the aura glow available for note10, I still like my lavender note9 better. No headphone jack? Bye note10. I need my earphone and charging point lol i dont like wireless headphone 😂

  • After this note 10 plus cons..still better then iphone

  • I've been with the galaxy series since the s3. I am now currently with the s9+ and I've always loved my samsung phone. I now might make the switch to note 10+! 🔥

  • Will they be releasing a native screen recorder to all recent Samsung phones ?? Would be great.

  • Im gonna change my S9+ to a Note10+ only to play minecraft

  • How set password On Windows 10 of your computer boot setting and window

    • You are on wrong video dude, what are you smoking?

  • Easy solution to the headphone jack going away *Include two usb c ports*

  • Bro can you give me note 10+ for free

  • 256/512 is storage, not RAM.

  • How you gonna have a phone that's $1000 and it's only 1080p 😂

    • Apple selling a 720p phone for $750 and apparently it's "the best Apple bargain in years"

  • No jack!!

  • Considered shooting in HDR?

  • Like going from ps4 to Xbox 1

  • Note 10 is better than the iPhone with all the tweaks and gestures you can do but it’s hard leaving iOS

  • S10+: Has headphone jack Power button is its own button Isn't too big Has big screen Has edge display Note 10: Doesn't have headphone jack Power button is now the Bixby button Has same camera as S10, just live focus on video Has s-pen Should be a tablet Just buy the S10+ or even S10 for like $300-400 less

  • I don't get the big deal about the headphone jack. I guess if you use them all the time then that would be a deal breaker for some but I have wireless Bose Headphones and I haven't plugged a audio jack into a phone in 2+ years lol

  • All the phones starting to look alike same 3 camera shape, same curve and glass back I need something invitational aka "crazy" stepping out the box. I'm tired of glass flagship phones. Okay I'm done venting.. Lol I do like the Note 10+ I just don't like curve screen and it has no headphone jack other that I like this Note. I waiting on the Asus ROG Phone 2 and I waiting to see if Sony will do a Xperia1 Premium..

  • it is re-mapable

  • Can you please make a video about the Galaxy tab S6??

  • Mine shipped today, not being a tech wiz like most you guys here... is this 5g or will be 5g compatible?

  • Hello I have a question what theme or wallpaper are you using on your phone because I love it

  • so i am better of waiting for the samsung s11 plus 5g instead. i already have s10plus lol.

  • Anyone know where to find this wallpaper? I need it!

  • Your hair it looks like a Roman soldier's Helmet

  • I love how I can watch his vids on full screen on the note 9 Shout out to the wide phone users

  • I grew up without a phone, my first phone was when I was 18 and out of high school, so that is why I can't justify spending $1000 for a phone.🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Same, though I got my first phone at age 17. I've watched so many reviews on the Samsung notes and I'm gonna get the note 8 next year when it's even cheaper. For now I'm perfectly happy rocking my note 4 which is serving me well :)

  • How to find that blue cubes wallpaper.? Is it only Note 10.?

  • Hi marques... plz tell me one thing that is live focus video options like color point, glitch etc. Avilable in note 10 smaller model or is it only available in note 10 plus????

  • Y’all need to understand that the headphone jack is dying

  • Watched from the equally good 300 euros xiaomi. Sorry

  • Pretty ironic. Quiet among android fanboys now... no headphone jacks, non openable phones 1200 dollar price point, non included fast charger or headphone adapter.... Quite ironic.

  • I love how MKHD seems more funny in this video, he has a lot more character in his recent videos instead of a robot

  • 10+ is big for my small hands.

  • I just wish an android competitor would launch a Huawei level camera and lens..... Plzzzzz Samsung. I'm going to have to give up my Huawei love

  • I think the switch-off thing they did is a great idea, so that the phone doesn't get switch off accidentally.

  • Love u 3000 😭😭Head phone jack....

  • Wow

  • Cool but not worth the money over the OnePlus 7 Pro

  • Aww.. man. That sucks the Note 10 doesn't have SD Expansion. I like the smaller version for my hands. Great first impression!

  • Note9 user?

  • You can remap the power key to double tap and open up any app and to have press and hold open the power down menu.

  • does that mean that we can finally just yeet bixby to the bin were it belongs thank go. BUT Y IN THE HELL is the power button on the wrong side i mean come on Samsung. and the head phone jack .... really.... just ...... your kidding my right ug. i had a not 8 loved it note 9 still love it but im thinking on just waiting tel the note 11 comes out to upgrade and hope that they give me my headphone jack back and 2 fix my power button. seems to me like samsung just lost out on a lot with this one. one plus 7 pro here i come.

  • markass brownie

  • So my s7 is able to have 1440 p and not a note 10 ????

  • Really need a deep review for note 10 plus

  • I'm still using the Galaxy S6 edge, this may be a good upgrade 🤔😂

    • I still have the note 5!! I want a new one so bad but feel I can't justify it while I have a workable phone

  • How come your videos are so far down the listings

  • Rule of thumb. The bigger the company, the less they care about their customers. I can see some critical Samsung fans leaving the brand and pulled towards OnePlus or XiaoMi more, and I don't blame them.

    • @bassboi Removing the headphone jack wasn't intended to please the customers, curved screen mainly serves for better advertising and no significant advantage whatsoever from the consumers' stand point, yet. Mediocre battery on the regular Note 10 and pushing customers towards the Note 10+. This is why I tend to shy away from Korean companies, they get thirsty pretty fast. Greed is the name of the game son.

    • Or in other words: the more customers, the harder it is to please all of them

  • Forcing AI down our throats with that power button