Sarah Jeffery - Queen of Mean (From "Descendants 3")

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Now there's a devil on my shoulder where the angels used to be and he's calling me the Queen on Mean 🎶
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Music video by Sarah Jeffery performing Queen of Mean (From "Descendants 3"). © 2019 Walt Disney Records


  • 2:30 Anyone else noticed the Black Cauldron?

  • Es una de mis canciones favoritas de descendientes amo a Aoudrie 😇😈

  • I found the nigga that shot and killed his auntie

  • Oudre eata un poco narisona

  • Bro I watched this movie 7 times and i didnt watch it on Netflix I watched it on tv

  • I'm obsessed xd


  • I really love the songgg

  • O soy yo o cuando Audrey ve el cetro al fondo se escucha que la llaman diciendole Audrey... Audrey

  • im so upsest with this song this song is my fav

  • I love this song 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Descendants 1: Ugh, can Audrey just leave? She's so annoying! Descendants 2: Where is she? Descendants 3: Forget Mal, Audrey is my new favorite!

  • I like this version of Audrey. Pretty in Pink.

  • I Watch this in the movie and I was like🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Someone was calling audrey name

  • I love how the septer says "Audrey~" THATS MY FAVORITE PARRT

  • Anybody notice that an ak did what the original vks couldnt? Stealing something from the museum

  • A ella la tomó 3 min en robar un cetro y una corona Y a ellos una película "pero que ha pasado"

  • Queen of mean but when this Post am like umm she in her feelings

  • La amo ,la adoro Prefiero más ella que a la mal

  • There's nothing to lose when you have no soul, no soul, and don't forget any existence.

  • Sarah is awesome she is an amazing singer,actor,and she has inspired me. ❤️❤️ Also awesome song btw love it

  • I never imagined Audrey being evil😕

  • This song pretty good tbh!!!

  • *i never thought as myself as mean*

  • Go queen of mean


  • I need more

  • I love love Love it

  • Audrey: *_”I will be the ruler of the dark and the bad “_* Maleficent: *_”Aurora can we switch daughters?”_*

  • who produced the work (MASHA THE PRODUCER

  • Soy la única que abla español pero está cansion me encanta siempre la canto

  • Es Buena la cancion

  • “ but I’ve been hurt for the last time “🥺💔

  • 2:53 Audrey (Sarah) Looks at the camera and smiles Me: I WILL BE UR MINION IM READYYY CALL ON ME QUEEN OF MEANNN

  • I love this song like if you think so too

  • Creo que me identifico con ella

  • Que rey tan guapo pero desedsionante

  • I love this song so much but i think the video could be more deep where she actually confronts mal like when she gets the staff of maleficent teleport herself to mal and tells her and shows her she's stronger than before . Edit : or that she teleports to mal freezes everyone there and sings around mal then looking her up and when she sings i want what j deserve at the end her sitting down on the throne

  • I think I have a problem I have memorized the lyrics moves and everything else for this song like when I'm at school all I do is sing this and wait to go home to hear it 80M+ times

  • Malejica. Yama. A. Odrei

  • My favorite part of the song is at 2:32 love here the good person turns bad

  • I’m 17 and this song is the best OML

  • Evil Audrey - Like✔️ Nice Audrey - Comment 📝

  • I didn’t know the lyrics when I watched it over and over again I know all the lyrics

  • Love the video

  • Queen of mean 😍😍😍😍 i love sarah jeffery

  • A mi me encantó Alguien español???

    • A mi tambien lo re am000❤❤

  • Ngl, the descendants soundtrack SLAPPED

  • I love this song so much i sing it every day💖💋💍💗🎄💐🌈🍓🍓🍨🍼

  • No puedo dejar de escucharla es muy pegadiza la amoooo

  • Don’t worry Audrey. Your the queen of my heart❤️💗💓💝💞💖💜💕

  • 2:34- 2:50 I’m in love with dis part I keep repeating it

  • Like Like Like Like and you ?

  • Whoever did her eyeshadow deserves a promotion

  • I love you Audrey ❤❤👑💃

  • Me gusta

  • One million likes OMG Congratulations Sarah! 💜

  • Like sí escuchaste en el minuto 2:12 que alguien dice odrii

  • this is my favorite descendants 3 song, it's so popular, I love it, everyone should love it! It's Audrey's solo

  • Your mean to mal

  • No paro de oírla 😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • 0:03 Audrey covers his marker and leaves it and in the minute 0:10 he has it in his hand again, also something that I thought was strange is, why the fairy godmother's barite has a safety field and the scepter Maleficent does not have it ...

  • i love this song im siging it all the time😻😍🤩

  • Like si les encanto el video


  • I love you sarah

  • Like si ya viste la película

  • 1:40 Damm! Audrey is really mean and evil😲

  • Hermosa canciones ❤️❤️

  • Does anyone else think their fire alarm is going off at 1:22

  • 4 Villian Kids: *Fails to steal something Valuable Audrey: "Yep this mine now."

  • Anyone haven't watched descendants 3 Oh just me

  • B yes

  • Es la mejor cancion del mundo

  • I love this song

  • "There's nothing to lose when you're lonely and friendless!" I could relate to that when I'm at school

  • Queen of mean got 1 million likes in less than 3 weeks Sarah did THAT yes queen! 👸 👑 💞😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗

  • 🌹