SKYND - Jim Jones (Official Video)

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 12 Απρ 2019
SKYND returns with Chapter II. For our first single we present, Jim Jones.
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Director & Edit: Garrick Lauterbach
DOP: Pascal Walder
Executive Producer: Luzius Fischer
Producer: Ismo Wolffson
AD 1: Goekhan Saf
1st AC: Caspar Brog
2nd AC: Sven Brauchli
Headlight: Oliver Muff
PA/Runner/Driver: Julia Gottet
Art Direction: Jeanne-Vera Bourguignon
Make-up & Styling: Amanda Samantha Brooke
Make-up SKYND: Arlette Kobler
Styling SKYND: Sophia Borck
Black Long Dress by Martin Spitaler
Actor: René Schnoz
come live comradery ah,
in harmony ah
one big community
utopian society ah
come live equality ah,
no boundaries ah
human economy, ah
did i say no boundaries? ah

come come to god come to the temple, come, come
come come to god, we shall over co-me someday
come come to god, come to the temple, come, come
come come to god, suicide sunday

hey dad - thanks dad - hurry sisters hurry
it’s all over - all over - hurry children hurry
white night drink flavor aid cyanide
lay down your life, lay down your life - yeah

the edge of paradise ah
seems very nice ah
and then you see his vices
selling monkies
godless junkie
religious holy roller
a mind controller
no one can leave
i told you, holy growler
blind patroller

come come to god come to the temple, come, come
come come to god, we shall over co-me someday
come come to god, come to the temple, come, come
come come to god, suicide sunday

909 souls - don’t do this
nine o - no more pain now
909 souls - it’s easy
i’m gonna take on all your battles


  • Soo happy to see they put out a new song! We want more! We love you!

  • Chills.... You are all amazing.

  • She is so gorgeous😍

  • Brazil heeeere

  • I fuckin love you and all your music! 🎶🎧🎼🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • The wait was well worth it. Very impressive for a two person group.

  • I dont even know how to classify the genre that this would fit in. I was blaring out to a Metal Mix and this happened to plop in it. I legit cannot stop listening to this. They remind me a bit of Die Antwood...which is odd cause i didnt care for Die Antwood very much, but i REALLY fuckin love this.

  • The candles remind me of a dark version of Sankta Lucia's crown during St. Lucy's Day celebrations in Scandinavia, which would make sense if my suspicion that they are from Scandinavia is true. On a live interview that I watched Skynd's accent sounded Scandinavian, and in a written interview she mentioned 'Massiv' Attack as an influence, and massiv is how you'd spell massive in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Btw, 'skynd' in Norwegian and Danish is the imperative form of 'hurry'.

  • Been waiting for a new song for awhile.. checking somewhat frequently, and not impressed with this song compared to her other's... there just wasn't enough of her actual unaltered voice in this and the higher pitched vocals kinda ruined it for me... definitely one of those song where you love like half of the song overall and dislike or hate the other half! Blah.. still a big fan, still looking forward to all that she'll do, but yeah.. this one wasn't for me..

  • Lots of love from Argentina, this band will be huge soon

  • Duuuude!!! I was waiting for this!, you're a goddess Girl, A GODAMN GODDESS 💖💖💖💖💖

  • Morbidly beautiful. Sending chills down the spine with a sprinkle of fear of what humanity can produce. I hope SKYND continues to bring to light the madness of the mind with this style. Love it.

  • I cant stop listening this song 🔥🤘🏼

  • Really loved Gary heidnik and Elisa Lam, this is no exception

  • Anyone wanting the's the link!

  • Nouvelles génération pleine d anciennes j adore !!??!!

  • Damn, i seriously love your music. Is catchy, dark and delves in serious matters of the human psyche.

  • I like it a lot!

  • So this has been echoing in my head for a week now - even when I’m not listening to it. Didn’t think I could love a song more than I love your previous 3, but this is haunting. Also made me look into Jonestown (wasn’t interested before) and once again the song accurately described the end. Love your music🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • And Borgstep was born!!!

  • It's official, this is the only song I listen to now. Like, just this one song on a constant repeat.

  • Loving this artwork :)

  • She's ok I get what her little spin is. But noone can beat combichrists "god bless"

  • omg about time...been so anxious for a new song!! SKYND is brilliant and one of my top favorite musicians right now and of all time for me! BRAVO...this is another EPIC masterpiece as are all your songs! *slowly claps and bows out into the shadows" ...but i WANT MORE NOW!!! thank you for being the definition of awesomeness :) your uniqueness towers you above all other bands in my eyes and this is exactly the type of music, style, band i would want to have if my own (in my dreams lol) but you bring it to life for me. I adore you! was having such a bad day and i came on youtube and saw this and totally turned my day around

  • This has literally been stuck in my head for days.

  • ablacım gözlerini öyle yapma çok çirkin oluyorsun tamam konsept gereği ama çirkinsin

  • Its a bit unnerving and so addictive...meaning it was done perfectly.

  • DoN’T DRinK THe FlaVORAiD

  • perfect!!! with love from Latvia

  • Again you don't disappoint. Awesome work!!

  • I need a full album yesterday.

  • I'm totally obsessed with.. This video is making me sick and i love it! A new phenomenon is born.. ❤

  • La vida no es una competencia

  • For some reason i think this song should be the end of chapter one. it gives off the impression and sound like its the end, inevitable.

  • Nailed it!!!

  • Please excuse spelling

  • I so love her true crime story songs, when will you do some on John Casey, Richard speck, Jeffrey pomer, Jamie valaski, and the zodiac

  • Awesomely creative 🔥🔥🔥

  • Definitely one of the best if not the best discovery of 2019, in musical world!!! This is so sososo good. I've saw all of your characters from prev videos and i can say that so far u are the first band who approaches this kind of perspective in music. It's so dark!'s so powerfull! I saw the documentary about Jonestown, and I can say I was horrified, that was one hell of a massacre!!!!How dark should your soul be to do that, in the name of God?!?!? That's evil on it's purest form!

  • What song does this remind me of or sound like

  • Awesome idea to make real stories in songs with atmospheric videos.I now your fan and will be wait new videos.Strongly recomend connect for upgrade both projects with russian band Biopsyhoz

  • Full album please :'(

  • Amazing work. I really hope they make it big!

  • Any time this channel releases a song I wind up listening to it on repeat for an obscene amount of time. Thank you for giving us quality over quantity. I would rather get a handful of truly epic songs than a hastily shipped out album

  • the more you listen to it the better it gets. I cant wait to see what these guys do in the future! So bloody awesome! I have it turned up so loud right now I'm expecting a neighbor to rock up and complain

  • do one on Dorothea Helen Puente.. pretty twisted old woman serial killer

  • I swear they use backward masking in all there songs. I love to figure what shes saying

  • I like how the lyric accurately mentions flavorade, not koolaid.

  • As a guyanese I find this fitting.

  • Do none of you listen to Fever Ray or The Knife? Those are Karin. She’s fucking brilliant

  • This fucking blows

  • Amo tanto!

  • Created a whole new genre keep it up. But please do one with Corey Taylor about Carl Panzram. I feel that yall would kill that. No pun intended.

  • So let's start up a SKYND cult already. I'll drink flavored cyanide if Skynd asked me to.

  • Im absolutely loving this band!! I have this on repeat!! Wow!!!

  • is disturbing. I bet it should have been. So GJ!

  • Ok I remember her...Hell Hellraiser right.

  • Почему нельзя поставить десять дизлайков?!? Визгливый, противный, синтетический звук. Категорически не понимаю людей, которые такое слушают. И очень не хочу, чтобы такое говно ещё хоть раз затесалось в мои "рекомендованные".

  • Song and video scary af O_O

  • All songs are so good

  • Another masterpiece, Queen SKYND. Thank you for blessing/damning my eyes and ears with this gloriously sinister bop.

  • I know i will probably get flak for this, but this song was about on the same level as elisa lam but was inferior to both gary heidnik and richard ramirez. I think the overly high-pitched vocals and strong repetition in this one turned me off. Visuals were on point tho.

  • I can't stop watching these ughhh. so good. I can't wait to see more from you guys.

  • I've had her on repeat for days..need more..mind going..bye

  • Love the song!!!

  • Just discovered SKYND by chance today... This is a freaking masterpiece! Need more!!!!

  • Thought this group would be cool from watching the Jonathan Davis video Uncensored. Sadly this song sounds like 1 long annoying Instagram Filter video(aside from male voice parts) not to mention that she acts & moves like a typical Instagram Filter video. Yet some more crap that is made to appeal to the younger generation & their weird-ass sh*t they think is cool.

  • As a graphic designer, I am doing a brochure for a preacher right now with this song on repeat. I am so going to Hell... Glad I'll be in a good company there.

  • This is amazing. Between the dark videos, the beautiful aesthetics, and the hauntingly beautiful vocals, not to mention the very true nature behind the stories in your songs, you've officially become my favorite music group.

  • Second comment: my God/Goddess this so fucking good!!!!!!!!! I just love what you do!!! Blessed Be

  • SKYND are genius! Of all their songs I've heard so far, this one terrifies me the most. The lyrics and video make my hair stand up. They've managed to capture all the panic, pain, and hysteria of this terrible tragedy. Easiest and quickest way to educate and raise awareness on serial killers? Just listen to this band.

  • Fucking shit

  • Dope AF !!!

  • Better than MANTRA.....

  • Skynd. Is the best thing to happen in music, she’s pushing the fear and the monsters of society in a beautiful artistic way to a world of false snowflakes run rabbits run

  • would love to see you guys do a tour with avatar

  • I'm just falling deeper and deeper in love with this band. They are unique.

  • This band does not get the recognition it deserves! It’s SO CLEVER! 🙌🏼

  • So good. This generations obsession with serial killers though.

  • This isnt music dedicated to Serial Killers and Madmen.... It's the music that reveals serial killers and addresses the madmen

  • She's so hot

  • I love this project so much.. ive been anxiously awaiting more since the first chapter.. most original artist ive come across in so long.. this is music evolution. ♡

  • It's crazy how listening to this gives me the feeling of having felt the story through its people, it's surreal. The flavor aid detail caught me off guard too, well done!

  • Just purchased the track, keep up the amazing work.

  • I don't think I'd ever get high enough to enjoy this song.

  • good vid

  • wow

  • Horror pop...

  • Well that was shit lol

  • Giddyup, giddyup, giddyup, giddyup, giddyup, drink it, drink it, drink it, drink it, drink it, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

  • Awesome video

  • Great music as usual! I would love to see a song about Jeffrey Dahmer from you someday

  • By far the most brilliant band so far next to aesthetic perfection my keids and I can't wait to see you live Pastor Nate Steele

  • Sooooooo ... ... this passes for music today, shit-shock value? Disrespecting 909 people, mostly women, and children. Classy.

  • J'adore *-* un plaisir de l'écouter en boucle :D

  • That pitchhhhh

  • MK Ultra music

  • Finally! New song! It's amazing, can't stop listening, good job😍

  • *This video made me think of apples*

  • randomly in my feed this morning and wow, i love it.