SKYND - Jim Jones (Official Video)

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 12 Απρ 2019
SKYND returns with Chapter II. For our first single we present, Jim Jones.
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Director & Edit: Garrick Lauterbach
DOP: Pascal Walder
Executive Producer: Luzius Fischer
Producer: Ismo Wolffson
AD 1: Goekhan Saf
1st AC: Caspar Brog
2nd AC: Sven Brauchli
Headlight: Oliver Muff
PA/Runner/Driver: Julia Gottet
Art Direction: Jeanne-Vera Bourguignon
Make-up & Styling: Amanda Samantha Brooke
Make-up SKYND: Arlette Kobler
Styling SKYND: Sophia Borck
Black Long Dress by Martin Spitaler
Actor: René Schnoz
come live comradery ah,
in harmony ah
one big community
utopian society ah
come live equality ah,
no boundaries ah
human economy, ah
did i say no boundaries? ah

come come to god come to the temple, come, come
come come to god, we shall over co-me someday
come come to god, come to the temple, come, come
come come to god, suicide sunday

hey dad - thanks dad - hurry sisters hurry
it’s all over - all over - hurry children hurry
white night drink flavor aid cyanide
lay down your life, lay down your life - yeah

the edge of paradise ah
seems very nice ah
and then you see his vices
selling monkies
godless junkie
religious holy roller
a mind controller
no one can leave
i told you, holy growler
blind patroller

come come to god come to the temple, come, come
come come to god, we shall over co-me someday
come come to god, come to the temple, come, come
come come to god, suicide sunday

909 souls - don’t do this
nine o - no more pain now
909 souls - it’s easy
i’m gonna take on all your battles


  • Дебилизм прогрессирует.

  • SKYND > Drab Majesty

  • love her makeup. love her hair. love her voice. love the lyrics.

  • Love the imagery, but I don't get why this music is so popular. It's just revamped 80's/90's pop, goth, club music. To each his own. All I see is Marilyn Gaga. Shock pop, meh.

  • If my Rakdos deck had a entrance video, this would be it..

  • the details of even the choir music at the background being close if not the same as at the end of the death tape is insane. great work

  • great work highlighting insane theist

  • I'm still waiting on the Lucas and Toole duet.

  • Please do one on Carl Panzram.

  • This has nothing to do with Jim Jones. This is fucking terrible. Don't know what they are trying to accomplish, but stop ✋

  • We love u so much. Your music helps me get away from pain everyday thank u SKYND my friend.

  • waiting for 1 million and beyond , so I can tell people I was right.

  • Der nächste Clip, den Sie über Chikatilo drehen müssen

  • I’m here because of JD’s reccomendation 👌🏻

  • Waiting for the Angel of Death,

  • bitch

  • I love her pop and lock dancing. Plus shes hot. Lol great band, music, and subject matter too. Love them and cant wait for more!!!

  • So, I've noticed, we seem to be escalating in horror, track-by-track, vid-by-vid. We started with a mysterious, spooky death (Elisa Lam), upped the ante to a sadistic kidnapper/rapist (Gary Heidnik), then a deranged serial killer/rapist (Richard Ramirez), and now a mass-suicide orchestrator. Body count's rising all the time! So what will the next subject be, The Rape Of Nanking? 🤔

  • Holy shit this is amazing.

  • It's taken me one day short of a month to find out the name of this band. I first heard SKYND's awesome sound when Rob zonbie was performing in glasgow last month. The wait was so fucking worth it.

  • I love you skynd. Youre creativity and freedom of expression fives me hope in this dark and brutal world. You can take something vile and turn it into art and i will always respect you for your craft.

  • The freaking visuals...ooof

  • Possibly the most haunting video I have seen in a long time. The voice, musicality, video brilliant only way to put it.

  • I fucking love this band! 😍

  • I love how it sounds, it's incredibly good, sooo catchy, but I swear I can't listen to Skynd cuz it fuckin creeps me out. What do :))

  • Hook, loop, hook, loop

  • Аххухуитительно !!!!! из !!!!!

  • ominous, apocalyptic, dark, hopeless, but at the same time epic and tense, it has that sense of a ticking clock like something is about to happen, simply incredible

  • Finest deep music

  • That is fucking awesome

  • I swoon for this sound! Amazing work 🖤 I'd love to hear about the Heaven's Gate cult in your style of music!

  • Somebody did their homework. Very well presented, without glorifying OR demonizing. And musically BRILLIANT.

  • Yay they got it right. It was flavor aid used in the mass suicide/murder and not kool aid like so many think.

  • Story time : One was born. One lived and loved. One was hurt bad. One was then left without any help. One did public crys for help. One did make friends. One become a public victim (victim to the public, a person to 'vent' on) One became aware of mankind. One became all alone. One found responsible for ones lost friends lifes... One hasn't finished the story. One in now very dangerous to ones self. One is more dangerous to the public. One cannot forget. One lives a life of torture. One has been tortured and has grown to like the torture. One is now self tortured. One now is the most dangerous that there can be. One can now take others lifes without care. One can't torture others. One can only wait of one's own death. One has lost all. One was done this all because one spoke against the...... (person who hurt them) had declared vengeance for wrecking the identity of.... (the person who hurt them). One now awaiting death the death promise made to one by... (the one who hurt them). One is all alone now ansisn't strong enough to care about leaving (the one that hurt them) alive on this planet as a pay back to the public.


  • SKYND NEW GUILTY PLEASURE ☠️ every song and video literally a masterpiece

  • Yellow Dog you did something cause it didn't move.

  • Make a Gosnell theme

  • I love her music so much

  • I have some suggestions for some future songs Ted Bundy Belle Guinness Albert Fish Jeffrey Dahmer The Zodiac Killer Jack The Ripper Elizabeth Bathory

    • I've seen two lists, neither of them suggesting Ed Gein. I mean...the inspiration for Leatherface (among others).

  • She appears as the force behind Jones actions, I've always been fascinated by the way she tells her creepy stories. Got me researching .

  • I just found out that YT has a loop option, got this song on a 8 hr loop so far!!!

  • Это что за пидар поет

  • I am hooked. SKYND is my favorite new act and I'm not a big fan of this type of music.

  • I have no idea how I ended up here. I mainly listen to death metal. The fate of the gods decided I might like this. They were not wrong. The fact that you force a sense of urgency and impending doom down our throats only adds to the telling of this disturbing story. Fucking love it! I just wish the youtube ad for this video was for Kool-Aid...

  • I'm addicted to her now

  • Found this video and the song has stayed in my head since then. Everything is awesome! Thanks for being my new favorite artist!

  • Thanks for this band🥰

  • So fucking good! The visuals are truly haunting and the effects on your voice creating a truly chilling atmosphere. Looking forward to more, cant wait!