Δημοσιεύτηκε στις
Welcome to the first ever Smosh Pit Spelling Bee-kini Wax, where losing the round means losing hair... down there.
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  • Where does she wax it? On the private spot?

  • Why did Courtney get 3 words at the but they only got one

  • This is so stupid

  • I want more of this. This was fantastic.

  • ian made me laugh so hard I choked on spit, he needs to be brought back

  • Ian has a wax fetish😂

  • Z dood

  • Mmmm~ it's warm Me:That's what she said

  • 1-10 10,0000000

  • I just wanna give kudos to Rachel for having to wax their down there...

  • literally courtney had the hardest words each round

  • Ian got circumcised


  • I wanted to see x's name

  • It really bugs me the top-down camera is mirrored.

  • Courtney 👌👈 🚫🧢💕💕


  • LOL Courtney!

  • Smosh: How uncomfortable does Ian make you on a scale from 1 to 10 Everyone: 11

  • 8:50 Rachel’s getting ready before Courtney even answered

  • Im brazilian 🇧🇷

  • Really uncomfortable 😣

  • 13:37 made me forget how to breathe

  • 6ix9ine 😂

  • Now I know my ABC's is how uncomfortable ian is making me

  • U should have revenge on her

  • You gotta joven in if u ever do this again

  • i bet under that blanket ian was hard as an rock

  • Isn't Latin the origin language of all languages?

  • This is how you spell exhibit

  • Ian loves CBT

  • Way toooooo uncomfortably

  • The person In back is really happy

  • It would have been a million times better if they got every word right and Sarah was just like freaking out the entire time

  • When Damian started singing XDDD

  • I low key ship Sarah and Damien like I feel like she’s into him

  • What are they waxing

  • This looks soooooo wrong

  • I’m sorry but Damien and Courtney holding hands was cute.

  • no one: courtney while getting waxed: _BRO_

  • Plot twist: Ian paid Rachel off and she actually did just have velcro

  • Courtney is so cuteee

  • I would just purposely just spell it all wrong so you get a beer bikini wax

  • Pause 10:33 and set it as your lock screen and wallpaper😉😏


  • Read this upside down: HSOWS

  • So why the welder's mask?

  • Should've done a tie breaker at the end.

  • How the freak is Courtney SO HAIRY TO GET WAXED 3 FREAKIN TIMES!!!!😂😂😂

  • Doesn’t Ian sound like a character from a show? If so, who?

  • Rachel looks so exited when Ian got Xzibit wrong -.-

  • is it bad that I knew how to spell waka foacka flame and I'm only 11

  • 1-100 I give it a 100

  • How is lingerie a 7th grade word

  • alot of that what she said moments

  • 10:17 yet another fist bump rejection on smosh

  • 13:40 Is it me or was that actually good??

  • Dam her v has too body and di 😑

  • the amount of times i would’ve screamed the f word is actually not ok 😂

  • Ian enjoyed all of this

  • uhhh are they naked? down there??

  • 11:12 "quotient" is a math term (the product of division- ex. 2 is the quotient of 4 divided by 2), the word that would've worked in that sentence was "quota" (an amount or limit of something)

  • I'm 13 and I've been waxed many times

  • Omg I love Shane! 'I knew you were gonna punch me in the balls' 'Stop you guys have touched your pubes'

  • You've gotta get Shane, noah and kieth doing this I feel like that would be hilarious! 😂

  • honestly these adults aren't that good at spelling, I'm not even a teenager yet and I can spell half of the words they can't

  • Z DOOD

  • I just realized that Damien was in one scene on Glee lol small world of amazing actors

  • 12:54 Agust d vibes? 😅🤣

  • Carl Childers: "Moral of the story, mmm, girls can't spell."

  • wow saw 9 looks pretty intense

  • Courtney"hoo hoo"Miller.

  • Losers

  • Sacrifice your pubes for GR-tv

  • Bring shayne on

  • Omg that's hilarious 18:38

  • I remember the Chandler's dialogue to ian WHAT KIND OF CLOWNS CAME TO YOUR BIRTHDAY 😄😄

  • Courtney didn’t hide the pain like Harold did

  • Ian has been appearing in my nightmares ever since watching this video

  • Wtf ZUCCHINI isn't Italian ZUCCHINE is the right spelling ahhahaah

  • Can't wait to see the next smosh court for Ian's missed Fist Bump

  • 5:25 gives 5 five with pube hand 😂😂😂

  • Whats a kini wax?

  • I need more Sarah Whittle!

  • Are they butt naked under their

  • Get the try guys on!

  • Ian made me feel oddly uncomfortable

  • sarah is absolutely gorgeous

  • alot

  • Ian enjoyed that to much.

  • from one to ten... ten. ian’s weird

  • Go around 2

  • Holy shit, Ian might be a psychopath but that was dope.

  • I laughed so damn hard at the part where Damien got waxed 😂😂😂 Edit: my family thinks I'm insane

  • ALOT

  • Ok like- the fact that they arent afraid to show down there is insane.


  • If you look close enough, Shane’s shirt says, ”I helped”.

  • Of all the videos out there ( especially the Mario party hot pepper chocolate video ) that have Damien in it, I swear he can read minds or see the future

  • Why was he so calm