SPILLING THE TEA | Smosh Summer Games: Apocalypse Ep. 2

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 25 Ιούλ 2019
We’re spilling some nuclear tea today on Smosh Family Feud! Mushroom Clout and ToxiciTEA will have to be BRUTALLY honest about their teammates in order to win this competition. Mayhem is coming September 13, pre-order Borderlands 3 at: smo.sh/borderlands
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  • We stan Joen

    • Well....... we stan Shartney!!!!!

    • Haha.. you finally listened to us and answered with shartney, also keep up the good work

  • My baby, Ian, writing that Anthony dislikes him the most. DX

  • Cortney is Me but i love Tom Holland

  • ToxiciTEA got the most trifling questions lmao

  • Who else played and got most of them right? 😂 I think I watch too much Smosh

  • Anthony hates Ian the most

  • Noah did write LASER CON

  • Damn i watch this video 5 times and this is the only time i saw ian write anthony on who hates ian the most

  • yeet

  • Anyone else thinks this are perfect ships? Shane&Courtney Keith&Alovia Damien&Kimmy

  • Take a drink every time someone tries to make everyone think they wrote down a different name

  • Shayne picture tho Ian and Anthonys picture tho And iancorn is just meme all the way

  • Ian : smiles Me: don't do it Ian : writes anthony

  • Least funnIEST


  • This is sooooo stupid!!!!!

  • Olivia tried to cheat at 13:44

  • 17:53 Sarah Who on your team is the least responsible Me Wes, he is a child 👩🏻‍🦳

  • When they did who hates ian the most why did ian put Anthony was it a joke?

  • Noah needs to stop being a little b*tch.. ugh 😒😒

  • Did anyone notice that courtney spelt Damien's name like "Damimen" in the last round? No? just me, ok

  • I love how it’s a THING that Damien is so nice!

  • The fact ian wrote that Anthony hated him the most was sad😂😂😂

  • 30:22 "Yo someone get me the medic" *Wes slaps Keith*

  • Honestly, Damien and Courtney wouldn't be a bad pairing

  • "Shayne thinks I'm smart! Shayne thinks I'm smart!" "No- uh no I don't." 23:20

  • 9:02 "Not for long Sarah. This is question two for them, where do we go- from here?!"

  • Keith's laugh sounds like goofy

  • Joven might've put Joen but Courtney put Damimen and no one caught it lol

  • Mushroom clout

  • 😭 why Ian so fuuuny

  • no one said courtney and damien bc they knew it could happen 🥵🥵

  • no one said damien and courtney bc they knew it was too real 🤑


  • SPILL THAT TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noah: "I don't think anyone here would ditch us though." Damien: *Shrugs*

  • Ian writing Anthony awww

  • You gay

  • it was so sad when everyone picked wes for least funniest! even though they were probably cheating a lil, wes does make me laugh even if his humor isn’t like someone like shayne’s or damien’s. i wouldn’t have put wes, i would have done myself out of being nice. and yes ian may not be as typically “funny” but he started this company and wrote all these skits and without him, none of this would exist. plus, they’re both the sweetest.

  • Keith is so small he's like a rabbit then Wes walks up and he's like a rhino then West slaps Keith and he goes 50 ft backwards

  • Is so sad about the rose them.😭😥☹😣🤯😱

  • When you want to slide into shaynes dms, But you find these videos and know you made the right choice.

  • 31:00 I- No I want camien Courtney x Damien uwue

  • Make shortney happen

  • 16:11

  • So...Shayne brought up Anthony.

  • On toxicitea the least booksmart for me is shayne

  • Everyone getting teamed up on

  • J o e n

  • Joven with Shane/Courtney is me with Mari/Sohinki

  • 13:45 I see you

  • I feel so bad for Wes and Joven

  • *anthony*

  • wheres courtny freakin miller

  • When Ian put Anthony on the chalkboard... I felt that 😫❤️

  • 16:11 LoL

  • meanwhile me at 22 still virgin lol :(

  • 16:13 too real Ian, too real.

  • didn't Wes like get in the 99th percentile on the SAT??

  • when he wrote ian and anthony (broke me heart)