Superfan Brad Pitt Distracts Ellen While Sitting in the Audience

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 13 Σεπ 2019
Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt tried to blend in as an Ellen superfan in the audience, and not only distracted Ellen, but also her guest Sean Hayes.


  • Marry me brad Pitt.. 😍😘❤

  • The woman sitting next to him is not breathing.

  • How did Ellen become the spokesperson for the LGTBQ community? She's unrelatable, unless you're rich, pretended to be straight, where there were other actors and actresses that threw it in your face with no apologies necessary, and let's all face it, not that funny. Now, Scott Thompson from The Kids in the Hall is far better, much funnier and better to relate to than Ellen would ever be!

  • What Brad Pitt can do, ladies and Gentlemen💁🏾‍♀️ Make a crowd full of women stand without talking.

  • Bismillahir rahmaniir Rahiim? It is schooling that corrupted the people to neglect the Quran as TRUTH, Only & Ultimate Purpose, Law & Guidance of Life, their Only Path to Eternal Heaven. Schooling is teaching people to value much Earthly achievements & ambitions but forgetting the TRUTH, the Words of God in the Quran as Ultimate Purpose, Law & Guidance of Life for all of Mankind from Adam till end of time. Masha'allah? Allahu'akbar!

  • Ellen is very amazing person

  • Paano nagka 34M subs tong walang kwentang tibo nato😂😂

  • I don't think that was Bratt it looks like Joe Black!! 😅

  • Nice show))

  • Maybe you can have on a million dead Iraqi children.

  • Jin’s bf

  • Hey Ellen you are most adorable tv show host that I have ever watched... Specially the kids versions.... I never liked kids that much... Now I am father and all I see is ur shows.... Keep it up... Hope to meet you someday

  • Do you Want to com sitt here. NO im god thank you. HAHHA

  • Zzssss 🤕😛

  • “Ok”

  • He so pretty Ellen has beautiful eyes but she is a beautiful person and everyone with the Ellen show are amazing people

    • Lynn.....sure she is

  • I knew it was planned!!!!!!!

  • En este momento así soltero y creíble sólo me queda Brad

  • sadly school is back T-T

  • no

  • Ellen can I please be on this show plus I need money ?!

  • Wooooooo wooooo wooohhh

  • Does brad pitt know his name in arabic means the house fridge?

  • How about that lil chocolate delight right behind Brad tho. She’s smoking!

  • George Bush is a war criminal.

  • Ellen the world is seeing through you and your cutesy little act.

    • Thank you Keith....I've been say this for years!!!

  • All white womens inlove right now

  • 😍❤️I love


  • Just here to check if Fairbairn Films overacted in their last vid.. they didn’t loo

  • Love you Ellen

  • wow i follow you from kenya

  • 3:17 Frankie got cranky.

  • It's rig.

  • Invite johnny depp please and sean hayes to see his reaction would be fun also johnny is so beautiful 😍

  • Possibly the only segment of the Ellen show I legitimately enjoy, solely because it's Brad Pitt.

  • Handsome.

  • Super!!!!

  • Really????....

  • 😁😄😁

  • Brad is so hot now that he is older !

  • Ellen:Ok Everyone: hahaajajjaajjajaahahahah

  • Goooood

  • _the worlds richest lesiban_

  • the alive is quite passive, wow, Ellen is the best indoor show host👍

  • Ellen Invite Tom Cruise

  • Hi Ellen ❤ i love you~ can you meet Chris brown again please 🙏😭

  • People you have to do some resaerch on what Tiffany FitzHenry has found out about Ellen.

  • People you have to do some resaerch on what Tiffany FitzHenry has found out about Ellen.

  • I was an extra in the movie ocean’s 11, and I met Brad Pitt. (And George Clooney). But I got to say he looks better on this Ellen show than in person

  • Screamers.

  • 😐😐

  • Omg that me Lucy :0

  • If you came here thinking this Is not real like me ,subscribe to my channel

  • Ted Bundy was a better person than George H.W. Bush. The scale of carnage that George H.W. Bush volunteered upon innocent human beings far out weighs that of a prolific serial killer, who's crimes seem modest in magnitude.

  • so there is a dude putting signs to the audiance laugh ...cry -_- i garente

  • Good Show Ellen

  • 😂🤣😅🤩

  • Who the girl in the flower dress 2 rows behind Pitt?

  • Every time I scared when I watch Andy and I r just doing sooo naughty scared 😟 him