Survive the Slippery Stairs!!

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 16 Αύγ 2019
Hey guys! In this challenge, we scale up a pyramid covered with soap to make it slippery! We have a bunch of challenges for our two teams like tag, protect the president, and keep away! Let us know down below what we can do next!
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  • and joeys funny

  • hey team egde can you do shout outs and im in it

  • Remember when they used to sit in a circle play board games. And everyone thought it was freaking amazing

  • Now are Marvin, Kevin and Bryan all related? I think so but I want to be sure.

  • Wait I hear whoever has the longest time not being GAY wins in 1:27 I the only one who heard that??

  • 1:13 OML IM DYEING

  • You guys are awesome 😎

  • king of the stairs? i mean king of the hell? crap i can't type

  • this is 100% not safe and should be illiegale

  • Hi team edge team levee a👍🏻 if ur in the team

  • Did he just said no comments of yelling? lemm just yell jsjshshsmahejshehnhsjdhsjshsjshsjshsjshdjsjssnhssjsjsjsjs REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • In the beginning, was did he call Joey Bryan and Bryan Joey

  • Teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam eeeeeeeeeeedge eeeeeeeeeeellllliiiiiittttteeee!!!!!!!

  • Will Kevin just marry me already?

  • You should do the slippery maze! I agree with the person who said that! I also want to say, wants up with Bobby's mic?

  • Ther score added up to 9 11 and today is the 18 anniversary of 911

  • Love you guys

  • who can drive the tractor wins

  • Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahahahah I see joey is so funny he smack the block

  • Till today, Marvin and Kevin are the same person to me

  • I one question where is Matt in all these videos

  • We copied your minigame i was the winner the one of my friends broke his legs he falled down.

  • 2:42 hahahahaha

  • Can you guys make a "We're coming for your watermelons" shirt? You'd for sure make some money off me.

  • Ya

  • I want to work here

  • That’s like king of the hill

  • Still not safe

  • 2:52 Obi Wan's face with the "He has the high ground" remark ROFL!!!!!!

  • Hi team edge you guys are the best and I subscribed to your channel I gotta go 👋

  • Brian is kinda bad.. and he’s not that book smart..

  • that's a lot of teamedge.stores lol

  • all the bros

  • *We don't care if it's padded we love to see you guys in pain!*

  • Pls play Roblox pls😢😢

  • Ok I am filing a law suit for the weird things they didn’t put Bryan ticking markipliers nipples only ogs will know

  • doyouguys do you guys stop

  • They didn’t have enough mics for Bobby so he had to use that big one... 🤣

  • Bobby I hope you win Please win Bobby pleas

  • Bobby :no complainin Joey: somebody's gonna get seriously hurt

  • That mike looks strange

  • 1 Sub/Like on this vid = One more game with your host, Bobster Lobster.


  • Can we get Conor back

  • boby you have to move

  • 3:45 did Bryan swear

  • Yea umm brayn also u kissed bobby lol XD

  • Who else is binge watching team edge because you forgot to watch the past 4 videos

  • I'm laughing so hard

  • Were is Matt

  • This makes me think of king of the hill

  • Do mafia again

  • Bobby is a cheater

  • Better question why is a jersey $90 NANI

  • It is 12:10 August 30 if only I watched it hours earlier

  • I love you guys 🦄

  • do a slippery sports

  • When you watch this video on the 29th of August-

  • I’m watching this on the 29 of August

  • You should make it bigger