Talking to Strangers

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 7 Ιούν 2019
I sure am glad I never have to talk to strangers :^)
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  • There's a pillow of the Sonic movie oh my gosh!!!!!!


  • Can u do sooubway pt.4 and 5

  • I know Adam his in LetMeExplain and in odd1sour

  • Its my Birthday today!

  • Can you upload videos every Wednesday or whatever you have something trending

  • Man I relate to you on a whoooole new level uce 🤙🏽💯💯 Everything you mentioned I’m like thinking “me too! Mee too!!” Hahahaha

  • 1:53 looks familiar 🤔

  • I don't care if it's part of my job, I will avoid a customer at all cost. They raise my anxiety and I hate being around people. I started working overnight so I can get away from people. I really do hate it especially when there are those people who get extremely close, or those who get mad at you for not knowing what they are talking about...when they also don't know...I can't...

  • You should not EVER be in the middle urinal. EVER. If you walk into the bathroom, and the only open urinal is in the middle, YOU LEAVE THE BATHROOM.

  • J= Just a= a m= man e= eating s= sprinkles

  • Nobody: James: *H O W ?*

  • May is also my birthday month 😁🤗


  • love dis like if you agree

  • Hmm ok .-.

  • A new series on Netflix it's called The Dark Crystal age of resistance The Dark Crystal James remember

  • James:"They're the strange on, I'm the only normal one here!" Me:"Then why is your name the odd 1 out?"

  • 3:45 Is that a *JOJO REFFERENCE*

  • 𝕳𝖔𝖜 𝖆𝖗𝖊 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖉𝖔𝖎𝖓𝖌

  • Finland in a nutshell

  • Life is fun. Life is fun

  • Life is fun


  • Subway = sooubway Supreme =sooupreme Like please

  • 6:35 odd1sout furry confirmed.

  • In Finland its rude to even sit next to a stranger

  • Happy b day

  • J: just A: another M: man E: eating S: Sooubway

  • 1:41 its inside out!

  • 11million Sprinkles???

  • The flat earthers joined the match

  • YOUR GOING TO VID CON!!!!!! OMG!!! :)

  • James:comment Hey man jaiden: comment I’m depressed something else:comment I’m something else

  • Okay is it just me that laughed so hard at this point? 00:54 i laughed so hard I spit my water everywhere.

  • Re post

  • J-just A-another M-man E-eating S-strangers

  • James why da faq didn’t upload in 2 months I Am s0 m4d 4t y0u

  • 11M Subs 111 Videos 11M Views Can this comment get 1K likes

  • Theodd1out is a furry

  • People won't think you stole something if you didn't buy anything. I've walked around stores for hours without buying a thing, and nothing happened

  • Hey *Robert* I like your videos :)

  • Hey, I loved this video I totally agree that strangers is kinda insulting to call another person (as long as they dont touch my sholder LOL)

  • Do you really live in az James?? Me too!

  • R you a FURRY?

  • hey Odd1sOut ı love you and your channel.if ı cannot find u in the youtube ill give up my life but when ı find we both have bad times and good times keep going

  • James! I dare you to watch gildedguy animation cause your in it!

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • James there is a new dark crystal game coming to switch. Check out the recent Nintendo direct

  • lol

  • 6:20 I laughed so hard I was crying

  • Where is the 11mil cake with a (extra) sprinkle cake

  • Do you have a book be JAMES RALLISON (I read his book he had his name in it

  • I usually don’t see Anglo-speaking GR-tv, but for some reason I wanted to see you in general, I used to hear about you and even watched your videos but in Russian dubbing

  • Play Minecraft For The First Time

  • Wuz that anime part from Itakiss

  • Guy#1- hey Guy#2- how Guy#1- ....... Guy#2-........ Guy#1- how

  • Sup James

  • Maybe you can do for your next video what is your favourite animal?

  • Ramuneee

  • When you try to talk to people, but the only human interaction you know is 'How-'

  • Fuck you anime is great and I like people with anime shirts

    • Dammit you sung the duck song. Now I have to forgive.

  • what happened to cant catch harry (card game james made)

  • Hi James I'm 9 years old and me and my cousin love your vids and you got a new subscriber Ψ(≧ω≦)Ψ

  • J:just A:a M: muppet E:eating S:sooubway

  • 1:37 But he does make make money off strangers because we are strangers to him

  • Friend:Hello Odd1out:hellwhudit

  • Friend:hello James:how It was the moment that he knew He messed up

  • What does your twin sister look like in real life

  • May is my birthday month too

  • Hey James you should check out my new animations on my channel please I love you James! Peace!

  • Person in hall: hello Me: no. My friend that’s in the hall: hello Me: how.

  • 5:31 IM A SEAL NOW

  • Same tho

  • Do you guys have in n out in Arizona

  • Yay! You are alive!

  • 6:35 what's that on the left, James?

  • Ngl I bet a bunch of people forgot about you cause you havent uploaded for 2 months

  • Just ask them if they want you to move


  • Hey I'm a youtuber and I'm very small and I just want some subs and. I'm a huge fan, and I love the video and animations.

  • bro this video is getting more views than the amount of subscribers he has

  • Goes to buy jumper cables, bought a hammer. buawss

  • Hey James I'm about to more to Arizona and I love your video and I hope i get to meet you if I don't can I get a Shoutout please see this James

  • Do I spy a Gucci shirt


  • 3:55 ayeee *waddle waddle*

  • Hey my younger brother really likes your channel, so is it ok if you mention him (he doesn't know about this so it would be a huuuuuuge surprise for him) I hope that you mention him his full name is Kody Michel McConnell, and yes this is how you spell his name. Oh and this is a really nice video (5 stars)


  • 6:20

  • Hey James you should check out my new animations on my channel please I love you James! Peace!

  • Yes but if u get to know them u will DIE

  • why do you kinda look like conan O'Brien?


  • Who else thought it was funny that at 0:15 His cartoon was taking to a cartoon version of real James?

  • I was looking something up and saw that people ship Adam and James together 😬 LIKE SO JAMES CAN SEE

  • Hey james this is my question:is it hard to get a girlfriend??? As a you tuber

  • look at this copy of James' subway video

  • I stayed in a store for at least 10 Minutes trying to pay for something,I tried to not ask anybody there,But I was bored so I just asked,She was nice

  • Por que pones títulos en español pero el vídeo esta en ingles que te pasa demente