The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 18 Απρ 2019
PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. Here's what's happening.
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  • Just another fancy thing in the market.

  • This is what's happening: You're folding a godamn fckin phone..

  • Bla bla bla Clickbait 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

    • Not clickbait. Hater!!

  • winter is coming ......after peeling off the screen protector film

  • “Scratches at a lvl 3 with deeper groves at a lvl 4” shit got me dying 😂

  • Well that’s what you get for getting an Android 🤷‍♂️

  • 6:44 lol

  • Money saving tips Galaxy fold: 2000$ Folding Galaxy case:10$ - 30$ (same folding effect)

  • You don’t look very happy on most videos. Maybe you’re getting tired of your own content, and that’s okay.

  • I say was till apple comes out with one and learn from Samsung’s mistakes like always

  • Android nibbas

  • It’s because it’s absolutely rubbish. Who even want a flip phone?

  • Samsung with another flop

  • its just a bad idea all together. the only way that shit wont break eventually is if u made it glass. even then. why do we need a folding phone? why not just improve the ones we have already

  • Omg, I love the way this guy talks


  • Lol Samsung cmon

  • Pls remove your laptop from the camera, the case is so distracting.

  • *Laughs in HUAWEI Mate X*

  • This is why im waiting for the samsung fold 2 or fold 3

  • Hahah nice jerry rigs reference

  • It's a first generation folding phone. Eventually it will get better. At least they are trying something different

  • Scratches at the level 3 with deeper groves at level 4 - Jerry Shoutout 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Yay a new history of samsung fails

  • Lmao

  • Seen some text pop for a frame or 2 at 2:20.. went back and the word 'foreshadowing' appears. Not sure if this was meant to come out in editing, or left on purpose. Anyway, hope the 2nd Fold lasts a little longer.

  • This phone is not useful... LoL

  • From indonesia

  • *Fortnite and Mark-Ass Brownley*

  • It doesn't matter to me 'cause my broke ass won't ever be able to get one, yeet.

  • a 2k dollars phone and this?

  • I would love to see a folding phone with a iPhone-sized folded screen, and an iPad-sized unfolded screen. I can already tell, centuries away from now, these Fold phones will be the same as Flip-phones to us now.

  • This dude sound so white it kinda scary

  • Samsung's statement that the protective layer is there to protect the screen from unintentional scratches is completely misleading! Something like THAT isn't essential to the structure of the screen, and SHOULD be removable. Something that's there just to prevent scratches wouldn't murder your screen If you try to remove it. Also, something that's so easily peeled off the screen won't survive being in bags or pockets for too long...

  • The Samsung broken hinge

  • So what if I work in a dirty environment and dirt goes under my screen protector and then my phone breaks. So dumb I’d never buy this phone seems like a very expensive very breakable piece of trash.

  • disgusting Samsung! is that the only option to put a cheap plastic on thr screen. it doesn't seems a genuine idea still have potential of damage wt the heck Samsung.?

  • People get actually dumber and dumber xD What screen protector on earth is wedged under the frame and has no pull tag on it? And why should be two protectors on the screen?

  • Nope I’m good Apple 🍎 all day

  • Yaaaah, it’s rewind time

  • The Samsung Galaxy Break

  • um yea stick to your iphones

  • 7:24 a flip phone is not a new idea........

  • That is insane. Samsung is not Samsung!!

  • Lesson: don’t buy that expensive crap

  • Samsung is rubbish cheap made and designed poorly. Way overpriced trying to beat apple but can’t keep up 😂

  • Funny, if this happened on an iPhone, people would be up in arms and all reviewers would be saying things like "typical Apple product". Happens on a Samsung and everyone is calm and understanding.

  • Feel like apple paid him to make this video

  • For 2 thousand dollars a phone should not have a clearly necessary FILM that is able to peel or be removed at all, for 2 thousand dollars that crap better be intergrated into the screen. I get that it's not the final product but this doesn't seem like something you take care of at the end ya feel? Maybe from a cheap phone from the dollar store around the corner but from Samsung? Tf?

  • FUCKING $2000 PHONE jesus christ what has phones come to these days

  • Korean quality at its best or?

  • Guess you can say the anticipation levels have been... *FOLD* ing! Okay, fine I'll leave

  • Never trust Samsung a few years ago spent 800 bucks on a note 4, after a year I updated the software and guess what????!!! It never turned on again. 800 bucks straight into the trash can. I’ll go forever with Apple!

  • Русских нет??

  • y pensar que ese diseño es el del surface phone, pd siempre los diseños van enfocados a hacerle buena publicidad al iphone

  • I'm not gonna peel my 2,000 dollars banana I'm afraid

  • Samsung trash

  • still wont buy it i will stick to the Samsung galaxy s10+ i know its a new type of phone and the first generation of the folded wont be as good as the next one

  • Learn to play with your toys. 🤣🤣🤣

  • The MONEY will never justify it. But I have been waiting since day one(05-06ish)... when they first made "Flexible Screens"... that being said, "they" did it "first" so...

  • Laughs in iPhone

  • Why does this phone even need the fucking plastic layer?

  • 6:43 Scraches at level 3 and deeper grroves at level 4 . 😂😂

  • Horrible idea from its conception, and of course it was executed horribly. Looks like trash, and falls apart in hours. Samsung dropped the ball on this one big time.

  • Haha, you idiots, mine is fine.

  • Apple is the best !

  • All the ppl that buy a 1900 dollar phone is a dumb person cause that phone will be outdated in 2 years from now 👍that's just my opinion

  • How dose it’s woke it will bracket it cooooool

  • Time waste

  • Let this be a testament, it isn’t always good to be rushing products to market and over doing shit... smh. People may hate Apple’s pace at times but....

  • Anybody wonder how they're gonna make a case for this?

  • This is exactly why I'm waiting for second gen.

  • Subscribe to my channel!!

  • Humans are curious animals!

  • I do not feel bad for those whom had this happen. If you’re investing into a phone that’s $1980 then you can replace it no problem. Otherwise, maybe not buy shit like it’s the 1920s. It’s what led to the Depression.

  • Nice vid markass

  • I knew it was gonna suck...

  • 画面挂了?

  • I don't think I've ever gotten a new device that hasn't had a light scuff film that is intended to be removed! The VERY first thing I always do is remove the light transport film, and fit a heavy case protector and screen protector! I would have assumed that film was just transport protection and removed it!

  • Can one even put a case on that phone?

  • I wonder if the screen protector helps stop the screens from being folded farther then it's supposed to go. It makes sense with the adhesive being that strong.

  • Hey marques please reply me😭😭😭

  • people need to go back to the good ol' days of reading the instruction booklet....

  • These phones are just getting fucking stupid. We don't need this crap, we don't need the internet. Life was better without all this crap that just turns everyone into narcissistic pieces of shit

  • How would we even protect this phone minus a case❔❔❔ I'm terrified to put it in my pocket 😵

  • Stupid invention ever from Samsung

  • 7:45 8 years development (without testing). 1 year will be replicate in china and become cheap foldable phone

  • MKBHD's video trending in India , that's a rare sight to see.

  • 8 years development? Seriously?

  • I knew was bad idea

  • So basically it’s a shit product

  • so Samsung just sucks hell apple would of warned yall

  • oh my god, stupid people with money or ludacris acces to high tech equipment for free

  • I hate Samsung👎🏻

  • So anyone else selling a class action lawsuit? Anyone interested in stock trading... Get busy now, if you haven't already!

  • Those galaxy folds were just cash grabs lol. Samsung knows they weren’t durable whatsoever.

  • at least they aren’t blowing up

  • I predict that in the third generation these things will get really good. For sure before 2023., 2021 the latest. By 2023 we'll be reaching 5th gen and in that case these things better be outstanding.

  • They should’ve made the plastic layer on the phone, they probably rushed it

  • Then it explodes in ur ass