The Death of Classic Anime

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Today I extend my thoughts on a comment I made previously in my "Best of Anime 2018" video about the lack of modern classic Anime, since non of you could agree on it in the comments section.

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  • Hey cunt link the songs you use

  • "If everything is special, nothing is." - Gigguk

  • I think a lot of it is lack of conclusion from even the most well received anime in the last few years. Most animes lately are manga adaptions, greenlit for a season or two, which are still ongoing so this results in a lot them leaving us off with cliffhangers or mostly unresolved narratives. A personal example for me would also be Mob Psycho 100, I absolutely adore this show, but since it is an ongoing work and god only knows if we'll get another season, there is no closure at all. This wasn't as prevalent some decades ago, stuff like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Eva, etc, you got the whole package to appreciate and reflect upon. This is has become increasingly rare in the current age of Anime.

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man, Space Dandy

    • Is Jojo a modern classic or just a classic?

  • I say devilman was a classic

  • The one classic i will never forget is the original guyver 12 episodes easy to watch i challenge anyone seeing this to give it a chance its so good when you get sucked in it only take about 1 or 2 episodes to pull you in

  • Death Note no? I’ve always felt that it being a Classico.

  • What music starts at 01:00 ????

  • whats the music bye 10:15

  • SAO is a Classic atleast the Abridged version

  • "I don't think I need to clarify what kind of impact anime like Evangelion or Akira had" LMAO best line

  • I saw NGE last year for the first time, and thought to myself that these people praising it are blinded by nostalgia. It was ok, but not that much. As for Legend of the Galactic Heroes, I started watching it and now I cannot thank these old fags enough to not have let the anime community forget about this absolutely incredible show, which I am only 20 episodes in but seems like it will be going to become my favourite anime of all time.

  • What anime is it at 4:26 ? :)

  • whats that anime at 09:38?

    • i mean 09:39, the blue haired girl

  • The moment you said escaflowne Iit brought tears into my eyes. It might not be the best or first popularized isekai anime show but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

  • Madoka Magica, Violet Evergarden, Made in Abyss are modern classics. But I do see your point. There is SO MUCH anime, but there is SO LITTLE that is of high quality.

  • I want to thank you. It was here where I heard of LOGH for the first time and it was one great experience watching it. I was watching it at the same time as Game of Thrones was approaching end and I was way more excited to see the ending of 20 year old series that truly has an ending with subverting expectation in comparison to GoTs forced and illogical decisions in story only made to shock people watching it in pubs. I hope that books will have better conclusion to the GoT story. It would be great if during our lifetimes we see another epic classic like Legends of the Galactic Heroes.

  • I would argue that Devil Man Crybaby is a modern classic. Damn that shit is top tier. But that could be due to the fact that it’s based off of a really old manga. There is a lot of great stuff out it’s so hard to choose 😭😩

  • the one anime that will always stick with me has got to be Spice and Wolf, it was the gateway drug to my anime addiction and something about it was just so enchanting to me so itll always be my #1 :D

  • What's the point of looking back? Oh boy, I watched "Nadia the secret of Blue water" for the first time. And I loved it. Not counting that one arc.

  • After episode 19 I think Demon Slayer will stay around if they can keep it up

  • 1:27 music please?

  • Is lucky star a classic cause I like it

  • One piece still living

  • This is stupid how could a anime be a classic... it had to be somne years gone to become a classic so how can you tell what the nowdays generation remember when they get older an think back to the good old times? only the time can tell us what is a classic anime an which one is not. The next thing anime has become more common i´t is mainstream now and the studios produce much mainstream. But with the impact on the society .... yeah its lacking much. So now my list what might become a classic. Katanagatari HunterXHunter Dororo Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer Hero Academia Asobi Asobase Chios schoolroad ......and many many more i love them all im sure there is something coming what is worth to call a clasic.

    • @Orpheus if you think so... Time will tell us. Hunter X Hunter got good potential or maybe Vinland Saga it's a sensless discussion we will see in the future and might remember them.

    • Na, none of those is going to become a classic lol. Kimetsu no Yaiba, HunterXHunter, Hero academia are entry level shonen anime like DBZ, Naruto before them. They are always popular, with a few cool fight scenes but in the end they are always the same thing. People who grew up with them will always love them, but in 10 years there will be new popular shonen that will replace those. Dororo started great and I thought it would be something thought provoking with great art,... But it wasn't, it went downhill very quick. Asobi Asobase is truly a great anime and one of the best comedies of the past years. But regretfully, there weren't many people who were watching it... There are very, very few anime that are coming out today, that will stand the test of time. The overwhelming majority of anime is average at best, disappointing at worst. I haven't seen anything that truly stands above the others. A show that might become a classic would be something like Violet Evergarden, Madoka Magica, Made in Abyss.

  • Yu Yu Hakusho is such a fucking amazing anime if you want some badass fighting. I always recommend to newer fans. Also Eureka Seven is a phenominal mech/rom/bad ass show.

  • What's the music at the start of the video?

  • For me SnK will be a classic for the years to come if the quality of the anime will be the same if not better than S3

  • Whats the name of the anime in 1:26 its a very short clip, I just liked the art style

  • Eureka Seven

  • Bro Akira is a film, compare it to the anime FILMS coming out now and it's way more equal footing.

  • Thank you Gigguk for this video

  • I stopped watching after 5 episodes season 1 in mob psycho I got bored and just dropped it

  • Legends of the galactic heros is the best anime CHANGE MY MIND

  • Jojo's is probably a classic

  • I sat here for 7 minutes thinking about mob psycho 100 being an instant classic furious that it hadn’t been mentioned

  • No such thing as a modern classic. Need time to determine a classic. In the realm of books the rule of thumb is a hundred years.

  • I am only 15, and all my favourite are classics. Long live classics.

  • I would argue heroic age has staying power.

  • Anime is dying and Gigcuck has blood on his hands, or paws, probably.

  • the only problem with it i have now is that *EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE TAG* WUT 9 fucking USD for a character slot?!

  • Why the fuck is it that your videos are all so funny and shit until the last two minutes and then I get hit with some kind of life lesson or some shit. Your videos end and I'm like dammit I should reconsider everything I've done in my life so far. Or maybe it's even just your voice and the way you say it sounding wise and shit. Dammit.

  • i watched 80% of the classics in my childhood and most of them were dubbed and i didn't know what anime really was that time it was epic tbh and now i can rewatch them in japanese , i hope i live till i complete them all and feel the joy again also new animes are also great , i watch them when they finish airing so watching older anime or previous if i may say while waiting for new shows is a great experience for someone who started anime in 2014 like me

  • This made me realize that I have a way too big watchlist... I'm gonna need a spreadsheet XD

  • does anybody know where I can watch the legend of the galactic heroes? I don't find it on kissanime. :/

  • Came here....from a coub

  • The lack of modern classic anime: -too formulaic and oversaturated for any genre that brings in money. -manga/light novel advertising actively aiming to *not* have a satisfying and impactful conclusion so you buy the source material. -fans that seem to actively hate on series' other people enjoyed, ensuring there is no consesus on what actually is and isn't quality, impactful anime.

  • Finished Gundam0079 and starting hokuto no ken and dont care what shows are currently ongoing...

  • No Nadia, Lupin, or early Doraemon movies shown Clearly lacking the Japanese perspective!

  • Here are some strong contenders with some potential if they get developed correctly. Vinland Saga Made in Abyss Heroic Legend of Arslan Mahoutsukai no Yome Also, you forgot.. Monogatari is the most obvious modern classic we've got : P. You absolutely can't argue that it's not a modern classic ;D. I'd recommend it right alongside legend of the galactic heroes, cowboy bebop, code geass, ghost in the shell, trigun, and all of those others = ). A modern classic movie is definitely Your Name. Drifters would have definitely been ultra interesting if it hadn't gotten abandoned : (. Don't forget that we also got 3-gatsu no Lion, which competes with the likes of Aria. Saiki is easily going to be a comedy classic right up there with Lucky Star. We think there are no classics among modern anime because they are always few and far between. I've pointed out an easy 8, many of which are only from the last 3 years.

  • Gigguk is a classic anituber

  • Hunter x Hunter and Jojo is classic af

  • why it doesn't work in europe :/

  • its ok all just turn to waifu/loli/isekai shit, but I truly find my self unable to finish one anime per season lately. every season I watch less and less from the list, by 3 episode 70% of the anime will be dropped and by 6 episodes 95% will be gone. turn out 1-2 anime per season will be able to go from start to finish. rest just too repetitive with literally the same shit with different face.

  • SAO feels like a classic became I think it reflects the Isekai genre perfectly to any non-anime hardcore fan, but gamer, like me :) Others I feel fell short of that.

  • made in abyss and promised neverland would be classics if they were shorter and more contained, sadly they both ended openly for more seasons to come out.

    • Made in Abyss is a still ongoing series (LN wise), there currently is no end to it in any format, trying to contain the world is already difficult enough when you split it into 2+ seasons, trying to finish a complete story within a single season would really lower the quality of the world building by making it feel rushed...

  • when you making game sponsorship you make laugh already like in moment when you select thick of character

  • FYI, the big problem is the distribution models now. Anime at the top end HAS gotten worse because there's a lot less incentive to make a visionary show these days. You're gonna hit market saturation with how easy it is to distribute. You no longer need to make a blockbuster to get worldwide release. So the drive to make /the best/ show ever and not just be profitable has definitely gone a bit down in the actual industry. Also related is that.. there's always been some real shit anime, and now you're not having the cherry picked cream of the crop shipped worldwide.

  • It's the Super Saiyan problem of escalation. It took years, literal and fictional for Goku to reach that level. It stuck with that show's universe as a defining moment. Then two kids hit that same level before the age of ten, and it's not enough of an impact to last. Cowboy Bebop deserves to be a classic, but it also didn't have to compete with such a saturated industry. When more people had the skilled artists, access to cgi, the money to pay for passion projects, we got a lot of anime that could have been on the same level as Gundam or such. So while I accept the idea that anime hasn't gotten worse, I reject the idea that there are no modern classics, because the people who will call them classics are the 12-15 years olds of today who grow up to talk about SAO, One Punch Man, Rage of Bahamut, Attack on Titan, etc in the GR-tv of the 2030s.

  • Easiest solution: Admit SAO is a classic.

    • @NiceUsername ́ First if most people inside the community hate this show, it would not have achieved 32th all time BD sales with only 3 anime came after passed its sale. Disks are extremely expensive so no one outside the community will likely to buy it. Second almost all the so called "famous" anime were watched beyond the community.

    • @Saturn V SAO was big because it was watched by many people from outside the anime community, and most people inside it hate the show. Casuals shouldn't be the ones to define what is a classic.

    • @The Nuggernaut So a trash mange to beat almost every single anime? It seem the industry is dying for sure.

    • You misspelled traaaaaaaaash