The Enigma TNG - Baphomet

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 11 Απρ 2019
Originally I was supposed to upload this on April fools day but I never got around to it because I had to take care of some other stuff. Nevertheless, I bring to you a new Deathstep track. Even better, it's a free download.
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  • Baphomet is fake as Fuck just another made up Idol for dumb fucks to follow. hope I pissed off every last one of you off 😘. Bunch of weak ass people who need something to follow!

  • This track is great 》loop《

  • this would fit in the cyberstyle 2088!!


  • this is devil worship !!!!!

  • Love love love this

  • nice

  • 😈

  • It is you that light does not shine.... It is you that no shadow lingers.... Today, you will know my name.... For I am mighty, And no one shall challenge the great Baphomet!

  • haha what's with that drop?!

  • This track is fucking wycked...Love it

  • Missed that kind of music from you. Good song.

  • Wicked

  • Iluminat confirmado

  • Just why satanism?

  • Mother of Unholy Shit that was *Epic.*

  • Sonic of cementery :)

  • Make more pls?

  • This guy is a god

  • Me encantó el tema

  • Fiyah fiyah dope bro

  • How does calling electronic/ industrial metal industrial E.D.M ([electronic and or electro ] death machine) sound. I just had this idea a few seconds ago.

    • Or Industrial death machine I.D.M

  • The true metal step King after this guy I'd say Sullivan King would be the prince But regardless I've been listening to this guy sing 2014 keep up the 🔥 m8

  • Great song. Let's hope more. ^_^ Greetings from Poland. ^ω^

  • I love it. Can you please make a very churchy one? Like Kathedral but more metal less wub wub wub dubstep? LOVE FROM AUSTRALIA ❤️

  • Can you make your own ulquiorra theme from bleach please like a song bent for ulquiorra please with lyrics please

  • Pls make it cover, cover, cover.. My favorite(Iio - smooth (slow version) )

  • Spotify it!!!

  • Do a saw theme plz.



  • kinda you da best😍😘😍😍😍😍

  • absolutely perfect 😍😍😍😘🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • New yау😍

  • Lyrics?

  • Omfg this is outrageously divine pure dope 🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • MY DEMOLISH THE GYM track, please make moreeeeeee.

  • 666baphomet666

  • Thank you

  • Please, i need melodic dubstep in your amazing music

  • I m very disapointed to this song title Fuck baphomet

  • Auto liked just because it's from enigma

  • i love you :3

  • dude i could fight the world to this song

  • Continue forever EnigmaTNG Please never go to sleep

  • U got my sub m8 ! Such a pure gold

  • Mr anderson welcome back, we missed you ;)

  • с элиментами dubstep не зашло( а так этот исполнитель в топе в моем трек листе на яндекс радио. советую формат радио если лень заморачиваться с треками и плейлистами, плюс не надоедают, не заезживаются треки

    • Тут нет элементов дабстепа. Это Deathstep как разновидность дабстепа

  • Got me headbanging again!

  • So I am God, and Freemasonry (worship of Basphomet) is one of My opponents... pretty much the he-goat is the dude who wants to kill 91% of man kind, including all Americans and Israeli.