The Huawei Windows MacBook Pro

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Huawei Matebook X Pro (USA Link) -
Huawei Matebook X Pro (International) -
The Huawei Matebook X Pro is a very nice laptop package in 2019. It's like an Apple MacBook for Windows and I think that's exactly what Huawei was going for.
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    • Unbox Therapy z book 17 from HP. Please review it Lew

    • Unbox Therapy Show support for Hong Kong! Boycott Chinese tech!

    • get well quick lew

  • should be "The Huawei Windows MacBook Air" not Pro

  • The camera look at your nose because the Chinese government wants it to 😆

  • Lovely review. Thank you!

  • tbh that camera placement is the single biggest reason if I were to get this laptop.. p.s. I covered my MBP camera for more than a decade now..

  • Shameful design. And expensive.

  • These guys are so obsessed with what other people think

  • One of the most condescending momos in the entire universe of youtube

  • Bro it's MateBook

  • He tried every possible way to believe us that matebook is better than mackbook lol

  • 6:45 willy doo hit the woah

  • I changed my macbook pro for it and im competely satisfied. He literally said everything i told myself when i decided to change it... Plus it has a Nvidia GPU!!!!!! that he forgot to mention!!

  • "Looking nice now is just everybody" - Lex

  • I stick with my MacBook Pro


    • That is too bad. You are supporting a company that hates the end-user.

  • u can still see the intelligence in willie's eyes even though they are turbo squinty.

  • Yeah but, you seen that MAte X share function? It is straight up Airdrop but for Huawei devices. The funny thing being that it is almost better if not on par with Apple.

  • the only reason i dont use mac is that a lot of the shit i download on my laptop does not support mac

  • They would sell a lot if was apple compatible (hackintosh)

    • @Isidro Cardin of what? i'm saying the laptop would sell well as a hackintosh. Good speakers are relevant

    • @Monsieur Bean The relevance?

    • Isidro Cardin facts..the speakers are great

  • Maybe it is better than not having a laptop. I do not have a laptop and i fuding need it with my research now af😂 I wish i could have a hands on those

  • i looks like a mac book air and lenovo ideapad 530s had a baby

  • Huh


  • 8:30 Lew: HOW MANY NITS are we dealing with? HOW MANY NITS are we dealing with? HOW MANY NITS are we dealing with? HOW MANY NITS are we dealing with? HOW MANY NITS are we dealing with? HOW MANY NITS are we dealing with? Will : -`-

  • Rich people man rich people. 🙄

  • Thx for the video but why do GR-tvrs loose so much time on hardware specs and none of them is capable of presenting a proper Windows vs Mac OS features and compatibility comparison..

  • Both representing the 6ix!

  • 11:11 Leww .. you won me with that sentence. I have experienced this personally and people should experience that too. Elegance is always good to look at but many times it isn't just worth to spend fortunes for the elegance thing. Money is important and it comes very tough to most of us people except some. (Sorry for my English, maybe I can't put what I'm trying to say here).

  • google and microsoft colecting data. fine. huawei collecting data.. oh my god we need to ban this

    • Stock Brazen Let’s assume that every company is spying...Then which group of organization can have the most dominance over all the information stored in your computer? Some sorts of government right? And then the question is which government it can be? A government that can spy globally... And also try to blame all the privacy scandals to some governments that also spy on citizens. In this case, everyone is dirty, no one is innocent. It’s just the matter of who’s dirtier.

    • @Stock Brazen It is illegal for the government and for American companies to spy, too, so what is your point? Again, Huawei doesn't even spy.

    • B5429671 XJ because its illegal and technically treason based on what they sell

    • @The Blockbuster Network Advertising is just the capitalist word for propaganda. My point was that the Chinese government doesn't really have much to gain from spying on you while your country has a lot to gain. I'd rather a government that has absolutely no power over me have my data over my owner, but yes, it would be better for no one to have. Luckily, Huawei does NOT spy on people, so no need to worry there. Maybe the US is so worried about it because Huawei won't spy for the US government, unlike SOME companies…

    • B5429671 XJ Advertisements are powerful things. X organisation/government/group or whatever can try to influence what you think and do. Those things do work on some people and that is in itself alarming. I don’t live in Europe or the US - just that data going to any government should be of concern.

  • Huawei Matebook X Pro - How to go platinum in China before you've even realised a song.

  • How come Google isn't allowed to deal with Huawei while Microsoft can 🤔

  • All they can do is knock-off

  • Lol the comment section is a bunch of hypocrites. When apple sells products for 1500$, everyone cries about how overpriced their products are. But if another manufacturer sells similar stuff for 1500$, everyone calmly sits and discusses how good the product is.

  • Every laptop review ever: Let's check the keyboard

  • This is ahead of what apple is doing yet it only has one thunderbolt port. See ya

  • Thumbs down for Huawei product

  • Even space gray color lol

  • macbook speakers are better? have you not used a toshiba laptop with dolby speakers built-in?

  • A very well crafted video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Can someone help me? I am thinking on buying a laptop for my university (I study informatics engineering so I need to work a lot with computers and programming stuff) and I was thinking on some stylish light powerful laptop that I can use in my hole period studying here. I saw the Lenovo S9 but as there is no USB port it pulls me back. I also saw that XiaoMi got some very good laptops but I’m not sure as I got a XiaoMi phone a while ago and I didn’t like the work they on the “cloud” system... Is this laptop worth buying? I really appreciate some help. Thanks you btw

    • The huawei one is good the mac is bad Imo

  • These things are crazy similar. I thought that you were holding two MacBook pros in the thumbnail.

  • He hits the woah at 6:42

  • Unbox therapy less interesting after jack has been revealed

  • man they are such a copycats. Its kind of pathetic really...

  • Macbook, is matebook

  • Xiaomi mi notebook pro?

  • How do these guys even get away with this? It resembles the MacBook a lot. Same packaging method, same look almost, even a super similar name! Wtf

  • No thanks. This thing is filled with spyware and hidden listening devices.

  • For the matebook, where are the speakers on both sides of the keyboard?

    • I've owned one for 4 months now, i can't tell!

  • Anyway, I need the Unix-like OS, not Windows-NT and most important---------macOS Terminal.

  • 2 frikin grand ?? I could buy an i7 laptop with a proper gaming GPU with that kinda cash. Not as thin but not thick either, like the MSI Stealth

  • Only if they designed a 15-inch version, I’d use it with the intention of switching from MacBook Pro

  • its not "inspired" from a MacBook, its a MacBook replica lol. Great laptop...infact its fantastic, but i could not use this thing in public, id be too embarrassed at the fact that it looks like a fake MacBook. I really wish they had done something a bit more original with the exterior instead of just copying Apple's design.

  • Does anyone know how to even get the 2019 version in the United States. I can't find it anywhere. Probably because of the trade war bullshit and Huawei being targeted.

  • hackintosh on huawei windows macbook pro

  • 6:43 Did this mans just hit the woah? 🤔

  • I thought it was a typo then I watched the whole video

  • Luckily its MUCH better quality then a Macbook Air hahahaha, at least the keyboard and screen dont die within 2 years, just a guess lol

    • @eddievalentin01 wow an apple Tim Cook dick rider for real..... Cool

    • Shut up


  • That camera wouldn't work for me because I usually put my laptop on my *lap*

  • Lew please, you had the brightness almost on the lowest setting...