The Midnight - River of Darkness

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις
The Midnight "River of Darkness" from the album "Nocturnal" (2017).
Look I know you miss her man, but..
But you can't keep doing this to yourself
She's moved on
Meanwhile you're out there just
Walking the streets at night
Alone, in a river of darkness
[Verse 1: Tyler Lyle]
Glowing windows in the buildings from the elevated train
I see a thousand different stories pass
And faces without names
Forget why I came here
And I forget why I stay
And wonder if they'd notice
If I slipped away
[Verse 2: Tyler Lyle]
What if I kept going
If I don't get off tonight
What if I ride this to the edges
Through the darkness to the light
[Chorus: Tyler Lyle]
Could I find you there?
Could I find you there?
If I slipped away?
[Verse 3: Tyler Lyle]
What if there's no answer
We’re all just hearts that have to fight
Through the dangers of the rapids
Through the darkness to the light
[Chorus: Tyler Lyle]
Could I find you there?
Could I find you there?
If I slipped away?
Look I know you miss her man, but..
But you can't keep doing this to yourself
She's moved on
Meanwhile you're out there just
Walking the streets at night
Alone, in a river of darkness


  • I love to read comments on this song, we all the same here in some way.

  • This song reminds me of those cop movies from the late '80s/early '90s,kinda like the one Keanu Reeves was in but I can't remember the name...oh right "Point Break"😁

  • From Ninj anyone?

  • Here for ninja

  • ty ninja for making me discover this music

  • Power of the lyrics and beauty of the sound. Makes me think of....

  • me and my mates are starting a youtube channel to try and show others how we play games and stuff and this music would fit perfectly with what we wanna do

  • Where are the credits for timecop?

  • dude you conserve the old quality style this is important...lets help this guy become famous more than lil pump

  • The Problem with The Midnight is you could literally listen to their music forever, I should probably go to work!

  • I'd notice if you slipped away

  • When the beat starts at 0:45 I've always imagined the scene from the breakfast club when they're all getting out of their parent's cars instead of Simple Minds for a moment lol

  • Shout out to The Midnight from Cambodia Town

  • It makes me think like its raining outside... So good

  • Woah man, The Midnight sure know how to use a saxophone :0

  • Wow this is nice

  • Hi-tech AOR genre revival

  • Could I find you there? T_T

  • This song takes me so far away I can’t take it. One of my favs

  • It's a masterpiece, tears me apart... because i'm also in a river of darkness...

  • 내차 세팅이여 ㅋㅋ

  • Whoa what just happened..

  • Long life to The Midnight ❤

  • Love this! Glad real music is making a comeback (I'm trying to do my part!).

  • If I slipped away.....

  • nice background image and song

  • Was just listening to this song as I walked in the rain in the late evening the cold rain and street lights reflecting off the wet streets as cars seldom pass by with this song in the background. Was amazing.

  • what's your point

  • She might have moved on but she'd notice if you slipped away. So do it. Leave her in your dust. She'll regret it and you won't care cause you'll have moved on.

  • #radical doomerism

  • This song really hit me hard, even after me and ex broke up 4 years ago i still think about her.

  • This song isssssss tooooo damn awesomeeeee!!!!

  • Feel the Sax in the soul


  • Hope to hear it in London next month, can't wait!

  • I just miss this sound.... man aging blows

  • lit

  • Can't stop playing this song, there's something inside that makes it great and makes flow memories

  • Tvoja mama

  • that's a good one

  • where can I buy the albums?

  • Lyrics gave me goosebumps

  • aimbotcalvin anyone? calvinLOVE

  • POWERFUL , very , very POWERFUL lyrics.

    • didn't put to much attention on them... but now that you mention it... that's strong !

  • Aimbotcalvin?

  • Fine I'll like it...

  • Αmazing

  • "you can't keep doing this to yourself, she's moved on" a quote i need to live by

  • no shit, great song

  • Hot diggity damn this is a great song :)

  • : (

  • is the intro speech from a movie?

  • is the intro speech from a movie?


  • The nostalgic age of early 80's Anime really shows in your sounds.... I plan to collaborate with you guys in the near future

  • Why the fuck does thos video put out 2 ads?

  • This is a secret gem.

  • Drive into the night, drive and drive ... until you see the light again. To all those lone souls out there, may you find what you are looking for =)

    • within the dark I am unseen and beyond judgement

  • River of the it YOU my blue babe´eee

  • Damn where's that sample from?

  • Who came here after watching nfs rivals video

  • Gr8 song but hurt so much...especially word's from beginning...YOU CAN'T DO IT TO YOU'RE SELF SHE MOVES ON...easy to say but not after divorce after...16 year's :( Anyway vodka+The Midnight is may fav drink :))))

  • That sax is saxy af!!!!

  • This gives me 80's vibe... No, it brings me back to 80's

  • Smooth.

  • this song hits me in the feels. I cant love them anymore than i do now! mid night for life

  • Music takes me back to a better time when life was much easier...Love it...

  • In my imagination you would be making the soundtrack to a cowboy bebop movie starring keanu reeves

  • Intro is pure 80s life so damn good bro well played 10 /10

  • Just discovered this masterpiece😍

  • My new favorite band!!! Love it so much!!!

  • Que buena música en pleno verano 2019 en la playita viva los 80 mi adolencencia saludos desde Perú

  • I will use those music's to drive my 2000's car at the night. Just luv this :D ♡♡♡

  • Amazing sound, shitty vocal unfortunately...

    • Dare Run i guess you are a big fan of cardi b then... good for you dipshit!

    • lmao...calling these shitty vocals and saying that the 80s was the golden decade of heavenly vocals... you're adorable.

    • +HardRock 06 huh?

    • Liesl Sherer senin tipin ofsayt zaten

    • Aye I love his voice

  • That sax thou ♥️

  • I think the midnight are my new favorite band 😎😍😃🤗!!!

  • Timecop1983's Sky Prologue and Eyes Closed seems like to be River of Darkness' instrumental versions. Nice collaboration.

  • A friend introduced me to this. He told me it provokes a feeling of memories gone by... and hes totally right. I will love him forever for sharing them with me!

  • Electric longing...

  • Fuck man listening to New Retro Wave music brings you a different feeling.....a life you wish you lived but at the same it makes you feel like you're there for as long as the song lasts. Fucking humanity......i hate you all globalists. Long live Retro music....keep up the good work and let's hope for better things people.

  • By far their best song.

  • its...great...very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good song. Nice work!

  • every song you make is absolutely beautiful. i have to see the midnight in concert

  • Does anyone else get a Mike and Eleven vibe from this song?

  • Smells like kavinsky somehow

  • Who ready for EDM remix 😎

  • To Whoever reads this : you are here becuase you are suppose to be. This song, this moment, you are here. You are here for a reason. Close your eyes feel. Belong to the moment. This is where we are.

    • Thank you

    • yeah im just here because i wanted to listen to some music actually but.. yeah..

    • Amazing!!!

    • Thank you _()_

    • i am here listening to music wondering why i am so worthless and alone im not welcome in the world and i am ready to leave.

  • Kristabelle if your reading this,im sorry.this song goes out to you,i love you

    • +NeonAether thank you for having this song on your channel i subscribed

    • +NeonAether thsnk you it means alot

    • NeonAether thank you but are you kristabelle?

    • PK, it's ok and I care about you. <3

  • You were born in the city Concrete under your feet Living in a river of darkness You're a man on the street.

  • Glenn Frye wants his song back

    • +1tokeover You belong to the city

    • Which song by Glenn Frye?

    • Glenn Fryre can pry it back from the Midnight's cold, dead hands. XD

    • Dat sax tho.

    • NeonAether Way ahead of ya; I love their albums!

    • Listen to the full album. Does not disappoint.

  • Molly of Bon apetite brought me here

  • Amazing Song. Amazing Lyrics.

  • This song is a fucking masterpiece

  • bad ass tune

    • +NeonAether it does 😊😉and wicked thank you. Apperciate that😃

    • Tecwyn, always makes me think of driving through a futuristic city late at night... bliss. Full album playlist below, subscribe for more! ;)

  • every time i listen to the midnight i feel like i lived in the 80s even though i really didn't. it's a magical feeling....

    • bhauger1 lmfaooo

    • It was magical, so much blow........

  • What if I kept going If I don't get off tonight What if I ride this to the edges Through the darkness to the light

  • I feel this song on such a level rn.....goodbye krista....