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You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.
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The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.


  • A second season has already been confirmed. I hope it is good

  • Oh my god, i'm so hyped, i got goosebump

  • Renewed already for season 2, nice!

  • ;o

  • Ahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 blacks and asians in medieval poland, the witcher. shame!!!!

  • thx for trashing witcher and do a movie for children

  • Looks like Rhaegar targaryen and Drogo had a quickie🍆🍑=👶

  • WE WUZ WITCHERZ n sheeeitt

  • Ummm where is geralt’s second sword????

  • Why doesn't he have cat eyes?

  • Henry cavil ruined by DC ressurected by Netflix🔥

  • I'm looking forward to this. I wonder how much gay content netflix will cram in. Either way I'm a fan of the games and books and the world and character in general so I'll be watching.

  • Waw..Henry

  • You're still looking Superman. Only missing your suit.

  • Hi everyone, Ive been watching Netflix since 3 months without any problems and today for the very first time I got an error code NW-2-4 and I cant even login to Netflix anymore on my PS4 nor on PC. I tried to restart my Internet, but Im still getting this error. I havent changed any settings with my Internet or PS4, but for some reason I got this error code now. How do I fix this? Thanks in advance.

  • I have Witcher Enhanced Edition Director's Cut on GOG, but not played it yet. Heard I need to get the third for better experience? Or should I just wait and see the show with new eyes?

  • بتحب تسمع موسيقى حلوة.. ؟💙 حزينة او هادئة..💔 فوت اشترك بالقناة.. 💕 وشكراً كتير من القلب.. 💚💛

  • ain't gonna lie, it looks pretty cool!

  • Scrotum armor doesn't look that bad anymore

  • That gave me chills

  • Will Scoia'Tael exist in this story??? :))

  • Why's Jenefer an Indian? There were no Indians in medieval Eastern Europe. The same goes for black people. It seems Witcher series will be the next big thing, I just don't like they're brownwashing it to appease SJWs.

    • buzkyy its not eastern europe but the Continent. People came to Continent from different world basically

    • I don't think race is too much of a problem with yennifer as long as the actress has good chemistry with Henry caville I'm fine with it

  • Позорище блять, кто делал костюмы. Просто может идти в жопу с такими доспехами, халтура на халтуре. Массовка такая же тупая халтура, о одном ролике тупо махания руками и дублеры корчутся без единого удара по ним.

  • Hmm, I wonder if Conan will make an appearance... (Not the Barbarian, the Unicorian)

  • More like “The Bitcher”

  • Tedd Deireadh

  • ıt will be a real legend woahh

  • This was going to be released last month but Henry didn't want to until he finishes all the side quests

  • If he ain’t nice in Gwent, I’m out.

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  • Season one episode one: find my goat

  • This already got a season 2

  • Dude playing geralt ruins this whole show

  • о боже мой какой красивый мужик

  • the mortal enemy of the geralt is a farmer with a pitch fork

    • The next big thing after GOT ending!

  • This superman actor looks very handsome as Geralt. Can't wait to see this series. However I'm still not sold over the actress portraying my lovely Yennefer

  • Can't stop starring that ass on his nose))

    • Ruined by SJW's. Good job Netflix

  • Tolerastic shit

  • He.. He sounds soooo much like in the game 😳😳 amazing!!!

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  • I want the sword of destiny theme

  • They should have "Killing Monsters" Witcher cinematic. It gave me chills and got me into the game.

  • They should have "Killing Monsters" Witcher cinematic. It gave me chills and got me into the game.

  • zajebiste

  • Witcher looks fine, Ciri looks like it could look, but Yeneffer it is really weak soup compared to book or game.

    • in the book Yenn is described as having slightly uneven shoulders, because she used to be a hunchback, her nose is too long, her lips a little too narrow, her chin receding a little too much, her a brows a little too irregular.. Geralt even says she couldn't pass as a great beauty, but she is perfect to him because he falls in love. it's only her magical glamours that can make her appear perfect to others. so by that description, book Yenn looks NOTHING like game Yenn with her perfect features. and Anya is actually closer to game Yenn than the book lol

  • Like my status if your here because of “The Witcher Wild Hunt” lol

  • i thinkg 200.000 views atleast is from me

  • Is the best movie of the year

  • p

  • Ruined by SJW's. Good job Netflix

    • it has nothing to do with Netflix :D ... are you played games or read the books?

  • The next big thing after GOT ending!

  • netfik SS

  • It's a not gerald!!!

    • Of course not. Is Henry Cavill played at Gerald.

    • you have right .. it is GeralT :D

  • What are these black and brown people doing in eastern medieval Europe?

    • @Sweet Child It's a fictional world based off of European folklore. Just like Santa Claus aka Saint Nicholas is a fictional character based off of European lore. Santa is White/European because the culture that created the story of St Nicholas is White/European. Similarly the lore used in the Witcher such as elves, dwarfs, etc. is European. So no, it isn't a stretch to imagine these creatures in a European story/Game. Changing the characters in this story to brown/black is brownwashing the culture this game comes from. It's no different from the uproar that would be caused if a movie about Japanese samurai's was played by a bunch of white dudes.

    • @MMaya Answer my question.

    • @rugged and completely heterosexual taehyung fanboy you cant imagine person of different skin color in completely fictional world, but you can stretch your imagination so far to imagine 50 different types of monsters and magic and dragons? ok lol.... and Sapkowski's influences reached far beyond only European, he also used influences from cultures that were Nordic, Celtic, Arabian, Eastern, etc.... it's your own fault you are ignorant!!!

  • It looks great so far. My only problems were Triss from the last trailer and 1:15 that armour just looks garbage

    • well yes Triss is little "grilled" :D but she has ok hair and still she has much smaller part in this ... and armor should be beter in next seasons ... but you are okay with Fringila Vigo ? (black woman in trailer)

  • I'm a big fan of the short stories. The first Witcher game had the perfect atmosphere of those books, the thrid one a bit less but still quite near. This trailer doesn't really have that Witcher feeling. I hope the series won't have one big story and they rather focus on shorter non-epic ones like in those books.

    • @Adio Aurelthat is true.. if you play Iorveths path, if you play Roche's it feels more political like GoT 😋

    • lol the second one is awesome too! Especially Mahakam with the dwarven fortress. But the vibe of the game comes over more like Lord of the Rings.

    • give some love to the second game!!! :)))

  • Liars! I read the interviews, this series is not about the WITCHER! Its about Yennifer and Ciri. Lying again to the witcher fans!

    • @Floyd Rey oh shut up you're hysterical! Yenn and Ciri are important characters in the show as they are in the books, the show will be about all 3 of them. Enough of this nonsense...

    • no it is not ... ithese girls will have only bigger part in compare to games or books

  • Looks like rain...

  • He should start talking to himself while investigating after detection using witcher sense.

  • Henry cavill better have 90% of the screen time... exploring other characters perspective.. what a load of bs