TOOL - Fear Inoculum (Audio)

Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 7 Αύγ 2019
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  • вот именно на такую музыку ,когда спрашиваешь в чем её кайф-отвечают: ты просто не понимаешь, и потом делают высокомерное лицо.)) да,атмосферно и не более..

  • individually they are just individuals together they are one.

  • is there any way you guys can learn "3 of a Perfect Pair" for my next undercover Phoenix warehouse show? I have the craziest bird issues.. and would be awesome if you can play that one, and it is definitely your style.. just a thought! LOL

  • Lyrics - Up vote so People can see. Tool is back baby ! Was 12 When their last album dropped and am now 25 and am so stoked! Immunity long overdue Contagion I exhale you Lying I opened up to you Venom in mania Now, contagion I exhale you The deceiver he says you belong to me You don’t want to breathe the light of the others Fear the light Fear the breathe Fear the others for eternity But I hear them now inhale the clarity Hear the venom, the venom in what you say - inoculated Bless this immunity Bless this immunity Bless this immunity Exhale, expel Recast my tale Weave my allegorical elegy Enumerate All that I’m to do Calculating steps away from you My own mitosis Growing through delusion from mania Exhale, expel Recast my tale with my allegorical elegy Forfeit all control You poison You spectacle Exorcise the spectacle Exorcise the malady Exorcise the disparate Poison for eternity Purge me and evacuate The venom and the fear that binds me Unveil now Lift away I see you running Deceiver chased away A long time coming

  • What the hell...? I’m freaking out! Did I just enter an alternate universe where Tool is about to drop a new record?

  • To be honest i am not a Tool fan. But the more i listen to this, the more i understand, and i'm starting to slowly become one


  • On average, Tool wont release another album until January of 2025.

  • I'm extremely hyped for this album, and also the perspective of new videos. Tool videos are the stuff of legend :) Saw you guys on Madrid on Download, it was a dream come true. Can't wait for Invincible!! PD: Un saludo para el retrasado del dedo en el micrófono si me esta leyendo. Si, yo también estaba, y mis videos son BASTANTE mejores que los tuyos, anal. Aprende a grabar xD

  • sounds like every other song they ever wrote

  • Approaching the end it begins to sounds like tool. But during the track until then, its more like a perfect circle

  • Quite happy my boyfriend showed me Tool. I cannot imagine what it was to wait 13 years (although he waited fewer years, but still).

  • Mine mind just blow when I heared this song for the first time. Masterpiece

  • 2019 will be the year Tool become the best band of all time

  • Listening to this song over and over. It is starting to feel like oxygen.

  • Wouldn't it suck if the second coming of Christ happened before the release of the new Tool album so you never get to hear it. god damn that would fucking suck

    • nah its been 2000+ years , he aint coming back, tool however.. are!

  • 7 more days

  • Only tool can make the 90s come into the 2000s #TOOL#FEARINOCULUM

  • 6 days motherfuckers!!!

  • This was the last album on their contract. Let’s us pray they sign on for more albums. 🙏🏻

  • Not feeling it. So sad but change my mind.

  • The bass sound bring me to other Planet 🗿🗿🗿🔷️🔷️🔷️


  • I cant stop coming back fuck

  • Is this how we get inoculated for the fear that's to come? I don't wanna be poisoned with it for eternity. When I do get inoculated and exorcised, can I lift away and chase away the deceiver. Man I LOVE how deep Maynard lyrics get

  • This is apparently the intro song to the rest of the album. What the hell kind of a journey are they about to take us on with rest of it? I can't wait.

  • gracias por re aparecer!!!!

  • Tool is on Pandora! 🤘

  • Now, after the wine making, jiu jitsu and other business endeavors in Jerome, it might seem that this might be a perfect timing to reinstate some of the Aeinma successes. But no brother, you cannot step into the same river twice. This is not "46 and 2" or "Eulogy" and not "Push it". Sad how people will swallow this regardless. No standards these days.

  • Born in 93 so you know I'm OGT

  • I can’t get this song out of my head!! Thank goodness!!

  • Oh man, this album’s gonna be good...

  • T minus 7

  • Stoned af-laying in bed listening on repeat. Life is good!

  • Awesome man

  • I go on random videos and add #FearInoculum

  • More of the same shit from captain dipshit

    • Let's hear your stuff mate. I am sure you can write better music and I am sure your opinion is worth something - wanker.

  • PLZ!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT COMING ! TOOL !!!

  • That new logo is absolutely next fuckin level

  • This is bullshit man. I can only smash the like button once.

  • This is what happens to me everytime a new tool album comes out : 1st listen, I'm always like "man I don't know". After a short while tho I start to like it. Within a month or two i love it front to back. Within a few years i realize it's my favorite tool album.

    • this is me with 10k Days

  • Bless this TOOL coMMUNITY.

  • D: YAY

  • My 1 month old will be inconsolable, screaming at the top of his lungs. I play this song and he is asleep within a minute! Just one more reason to love Tool!

  • I heard this obscure band is big influence on Maynard

  • So worth the wait!!!!!

  • I don't mean to take away from this song but go listen to Tool Pushit Salival version. There was such spiritual intensity that. I miss those classic Maynard screams.

  • Classic! Anyone listening to this in 2019?

  • Who else writes music like this? Fucking nobody

  • Praise Be 🌚

  • 8 days to survive. You gonna make it?

  • This is a life changing song

  • My neighbors are sitting on the coach trying to watch tv, I’m sitting here: EXHALE! EXPEL!

  • anyone else listening in 2019?

  • Where the fuck can we find the whole album? Whats the release date?

  • Most people today don't have the attention span to sit through a 10 minute slow-burner composed by 50 year olds whose hey-day was 15 years ago. And they still managed to crush it and get to the top of GR-tv. Absolute madlads.

  • Exhale ,expel part is cool need more

  • Boring, generic and uninspired. What a disappointment.

  • Put your phones down and listen.... pure mental vision. A whole crowd head down just absorbing the sound, no drama, no nature. Mitosis you open up to see what you already knew was happening. Split yourself away from the fake. Awaken what has always been there. Thank you guys for the awakening we needed in life. It's not a album, but a spiritual journey every man women human being should make. Bless you all and the theories you evolved in.

  • It’s good. It’s not quite Lateralus good, but that’s just asking for perfection again. I’ll take it.

  • It starts with a healing frequency repeated 10 times an incantation a cleansing ritual a mitosis an exorcism a magic spell...... "bless this Immunity"

  • I kinda feel like the last album stiffled the productivity of Danny Carey. This sounds like the band has went back to the basics of writing music. I'm surprised they were able to snap back into their thought process back to the garage band days. Danny Carey needs an electronic drum pack. His drums and tuning is so punchy and unique.

  • Doctor: you have 60 minutes to live me: I just need 10

  • No way I can pay 80 quid for a CD. They must be taking the piss!

  • Reflection, then Right in two, again Reflection, then Grand Canyon (Puscifer), and at the outro the same melody of Eulogy, but now in guitar and bass, not bells.

  • Only 8.6 million views 2 weeks in. It's a small crowd but a live one!

  • :.)

  • Trash music

  • My mom passed 8/9/19. I needed this. RIP MOMMA GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN. Thank you TOOL 💕

  • Here’s to hoping I don’t die before next Friday. Kill me off Saturday or Sunday and yeah I’ll be good. I’m good with that.

  • Well how about that.. Never thought I'd see the day when this happened. 2019 just got a little better 😊

  • I'm a tool fan since 1998, having been a metal (Slayer/Metallica/etc) and alt (Pixies/Sonic Youth etc) fan I initially thought Tool was another forgettable one word name band like Filter, Fuel, Bush and Floater so I didn't bother listening. Once I realized how unique and genre bendingly brilliant they are I was hooked for life. I have to say though on initial listens to this it feels kind of like a b side from 10k days, as Tool have always been so shockingly different from album to album (in a gooooood way) It is initially worrisome. But before you hate on me I am fully aware of Tool music's subtle awesomeness and before I pass my judgement I simply have to hear it on CD when it drops on a quality system, not a smartphone. I will say that even if it is not as insanely great as 10k or Lateralus it's still gonna be better than most anything released in the last 13 years from ANY band, and that is a cosmic FACT.

    • just listen to it more's brilliant in buildup and detail. Maynards singing is fantastic. Tool is the only band that can pump a totally unnatural rhythm into our common minds/brains and make it feel natural. :)

  • i absolutely adore this song but can we talk about the bottom right corner?

  • 9k people are fucking retarded.

  • Love it.

  • I'm an Old School Tooligan^^ I adore this Band !!!!!

  • I feel bad that I trolled in the comments a few days ago. As a lifelong tool fan...I have to say, in my defense, having taken a lesson from tool, -ahem...I got it honest. Love this song.

  • Bless this " Community" !! :-)

  • I cant STOP listening this Fucking Awsome new tool song.....!!

  • S H I T T H E B E D A G A I N