TOP 20 shocking photos of celebrities without makeup

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TOP 20 shocking photos of celebrities without makeup
Gathering from what we see in movies, on TV and in the pages of prestigious magazines, sexy celebrities are flawless creatures. With the help of their A-list nutritionists and unlimited access to the best trainers in the world, these starlets typically resemble what we assume angels might look like. However, thanks to the unmerciful paparazzi, the truth can be (unfortunately) realized: their perfection is a myth.
If you don't want your fantasies ruined, stay away from this gallery. What you'll be faced with is the shocking reality that hot celebrities are, in fact, mere, pimply mortals.
Celebrities in video:
1. Jennifer Lopez
2. Kristen Stewart
3. Anne Hathaway
4. Tori Spelling
5. Kirsten Dunst
6. Cameron Diaz
7. Amanda Seyfried
8. Miley Cyrus
9. Umma Thurman
10. Rose Byrne
11. Vanessa Hudgens
12. Mila Kunis
13. Adele
14. Jennifer Anniston
15. Pamela Anderson
16. Heidi Klum
17. Kate Winslet
18. Jennifer Garner
19. Britney Spears
20. Shakira


  • Sorry about the missing words and/or the typos. I have a brain injury. I type too fast as well and do not proofread. Thank you ☺️

  • Has anyone heard of, then, Supermodel, Gia Marie Carangi? They have a lot of her on Utube. Beautiful but sad woman! Gone too soon. In fact, Angelina Jolie played Gia in the movie, Gia, HBO, in I think, 1997. Great but sad biopic. Check her out if you can. Angelina was perfect for the role which garnered a Sag Award and Golden Globe. If you see the movie or check out the Utube videos, pls let me know what you think. Thank you. Nuff said. July 17, 2019...

  • Makeup 💄 is an art, without a doubt. Some of these women have great genes! Nautal beauty. And, again, photoshop? Botox doesn’t hurt. I wouldn’t want to be in the public eye, celeb, or an alleged star. Too much pressure, overall. Thank you...July 2019...

  • 99% of them, without makeup are beautiful people, and with makeup they are plastic copies.

  • Kristen Dunst, she's Beautiful with or without makeup.

  • Many of them do have some simple makeup. Only few are completely without.

  • Jessas na, is de Klum greislig

  • Δε εχου φυσική ομορφιά όπως οι μεγαλύτερες ηθοποιόι που δε έβαζα μέηκαπ

  • in most cases prettier without make-up, fake look with makeup. In the 1970s we used make-up only to enhance our natural looks, 1980s we used colour like art to our faces. But since then its become a terrible plastic mask that distorts womens looks to be some un-earthy looking feline or barbie doll with bats for eyelashes and suction cups for lips. Com on girls embrace your natural feminine beauty and the character that age brings.

  • All of them are beautiful whitout make up!!

  • Ay nanita q susto

  • No different .still pretty

  • There is nothing shocking about these women at all, I mean, some of them are ugly with o without any makeup, but others look even better being natural.

  • *Tori Spelling & Jennifer Anniston are both unattractive, with or without makeup!*

  • Can see they’re all good looking without the makeup 🤩💕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • Im sorry but some of the women need more than just makeup ! They say opposite attract ? Im starting to understand now as to why some people want to be gay !


  • Amanda beautiful

  • human shit , in other words , role models for the masses

  • Sakanilang lahat ang pinakamaganda ay si kate winslet

  • 😏😏😏🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔

  • They still look good! COME ON!

  • You know wat. If someone is happy living with themselves. Then let them be, cos whoever put this out there ,obveee. Ain't got guts to put there mug out there. So just shut up shut up, you ant gotta leg to stand on. Just Cos the beauty queen, you went pagent with swiped you legs with her crutch, and was able to still walk out there and won wearing a neck brace. Well shame on you. You girls look pukka, and Arnie so soz this jit rat put you in the woman's category. Rude man pure rude.

  • Jennifer Lopez looks better without the smurrie and pancake

  • thanks god {or what ever you believe in} , it is not all about the look :-]

  • The music is I'm speechless. I am without speech

  • So what

  • Kate Winslet and Jennifer Aniston 😍

  • all is a only show in the USA , not more !! plastic face and heart

  • most of them are just as pretty without the makeup

  • This is, what real live is about. Nature. The woman allready look beautiful naturally. The make-up just covers some imperfections and/or highlights the beautiful features of their face. And about Kate Winslet in particular, because she is a great actress and in most of her roles she wears no or just a little bit of make-up.

  • So, you are telling me I can look like Jenny Lo if I wear make-up? ;)

  • Ein Hoch auf die Kosmetikindustrie👍

  • Mein Gott Ist Heidi Klum hässlich

  • nothing shocking about these lovely ladies without make up... i think they all look more beautiful without make up!! A real guy will love you exactly how God Made You :-)

  • They are still Pretty......

  • Hanky panky by virtue scripts real feel good track under the radar please check it out thanks

  • Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Britney Spears don't look bad without makeup and I could probably recognize them without makeup in the street. BUT the rest of them! HOLY CRAP!!!!! How in the beck did they became famous?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Isn't that awesome - they get to have a real life too where fans won't be all over every move they make. There's nothing shocking about this either - most of us would ook full on different if we had a professional makeup artist.

  • J Lo z always cute

  • So what-no make up?Does it matter? Not at all!

  • It goes to show that women don't need to wear make up to be beautiful because they already are.


  • Jennifer is very beautiful without makeup.. the rest, no)

  • Also wirklich ,hier sieht niemand furchtbar aus ohne Make-up,ganz im Gegenteil

  • It's make that makes them look like this so they have no one to blame because show business is no child's play ppl don't wanna n criticized so get a life

  • That is why I love make up on a woman....... It just does it....

  • Maquiagem salva qualquer mortal kkkk

  • The one and only shocking thing is the horrible music 😱

  • They are beautiful even Wihtout makeup