Δημοσιεύτηκε στις 4 Οκτ 2019
Directed by Dave Meyers and Travis Scott
Produced by Nathan Scherrer, Randy Donaldson, Sam Lecca
Production company: Freenjoy
Travis Scott online:
(c) 2019 Epic Records/Sony. With Cactus Jack.


  • Brilliance

  • Strange music.

  • Hola, Pásate por esta tienda de ropa DESCUENTOS DEL 50%

  • the Video editor the real MVP these are some crazy concepts brought to life that smoke editing is on point

  • Well now i know what to do this weekend...

  • Like this for no reason

  • it is very very goooooood

  • y’all caint tell me the beginning don’t sound like the gravity falls intro 😹🔥

  • 0% Bad words 0% Cars 5% Hoes 100% Talent *10.000% DRUGS*

  • Who's the straight guy in the room James Charles 2019

  • Why does this video has so many retards in the comment section? Am I listening to crap? Me: please stop uncreative piece of shit

  • the visual edits are insane

  • Tyga: "Hello son!" Stormy: "Hy dad!" Stormy: "What??!" Tyga: "What??!"

  • 0:12 How it feels to drink water after chewing gum

  • the indian verison

  • “I’m the hardest in the room” “hope my homie cum soon”

  • It's butterfly after cocoon -metamorphosis 2019

  • She saw my eyes she know I’m gone

  • "im the crawlest in the crawl" -Chester Bennington

  • Pesadooi💓💓💓

  • You are on LSD bro...


  • Weakest comment section in a while #Dobetteryall

  • Who is better?? Like :Travis Scott Like :Travis Scott

  • 💯💯

  • 0:22

  • Hi I’m here again, safe to say I’m addicted to this song 🔥🔥

  • "Uh oh, stinky poo" -Poop Monkey 2016

  • ja jestem wyzszy w pokoju

  • Nobody: ZION WILLIAMSON : Iam the highest in the room

  • travis rocky the best

  • Got'Em on next Sneakrs Nike x Travis Release 📳 Like to Activate 👍


  • "These comments are not funny anymore" - Me, 2019

  • not sure if i like this yet lol

  • *"I'm the highest in the room"* -*Travis Scott, 2019*

  • Travis: yes Producer: i didnt say anything

  • this is 2:19 to 2:57 what’s gonna play when u walk the staircase to heaven

  • Fucking die

  • Só não pisa no meu boot

  • Hey check this artist out.. This shit is hot af

  • A dost!

  • best travis scott song

  • Can anyone explain to me what's this song all about? Anyone?

  • "Não entendi nada da música" EU-2019

  • Love this😍

  • Поставьте лайк чтоб англичане подумали что здесь что-то крутое написано.

  • Trippy AF

  • 2:09 stanley yelnats be like

  • Wtf at 0:43

  • The room is the room Travis

  • Video so weird


  • When your playing tag with your little brother and you climb the top bunk but he can't get up. "I'm the highest in the room"

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  • if there is a fly in the strippers room doesnt that mean theyre smelly lmao

  • "Where's Travis" -stormi ,2019

  • 他这个舌头👅是上火了吧

  • hi I'm not a follower.

  • Alguien nota muchos mensajes subliminales sobre el nuevo orden mundial? Estamos dominados por este tipo de música literal