Westworld III - HBO 2020

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Music: Brain Damage by Pink Floyd
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Westworld III - HBO 2020


  • I started the show and I didn’t understand, I tried to continue until the first season ended, still I didn’t understand.. I watched the second season thinking it will give me understanding but wtf .. just to have a show ? Hell hbo , getting rid of my subscription now.. I think even writers don’t understand the show they did..

  • Jessy, what are you doing there?

  • Park's Closed........BITCH !!! YEAH, Science !!!

  • I'll see you on the dark side of the moon 🌕

  • And then... Dolores will realize the real world is more prison than Westworld.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn PaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuLLLL,, yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatchh


  • Everything in this world they live in was theme park all along an open world theme park they were never really escaped. IMO

  • Don't waste your time on this trash pile of a show. You're better off watching reruns of Hunny Boo Boo.

  • I have a feeling that season 3 is going to murder the series.

  • mmm I like this more because of the Floyd

  • Ooooh yeeeeaaaaaaah!! Who's excited? Im excited.

  • Kid cudi back to HBO bring back how to make it in America !!!

  • Yo Mr. White!

  • I thought Westworld was just a fucking theme park with blade runner X Westerns... this just looks like generic cyberpunk stuff- if you could even call it cyberpunk now :/

  • FutureWorld YES!!!

  • keep Floyd out of yer images!

  • A robot?!!

  • *Westworld: Become Human*

  • Yo yo yo 1,4,8 three to the three to the six to the nine from the ABQ waaaaaadduuupppppp biatchhhhh Correct me if I'm wrong

  • Looks way better than seasons 1 & 2

  • At least this trailer not full of spoilers...

  • I guess the park is closed bitch!! I got the need for speed

  • Can’t wait to see Aaron Paul’s pee pee

  • I've watched this maybe 10 times and I still get goosebumps. This show is straight ill.

  • My skins crawling!!!

  • After the terrible failure of the second season, westworld does not deserve a chance for rehabilitation.

  • Jesse pinkman, bitch

  • Pinkman?????? Holy Shitballs!!!!

  • Looks like a complete different show?

  • What? Westworld didnt end?

  • Dolores is so annoying!! very bad acting. this show can get only from worse to unwatchable

  • Binge watched first 2 seasons after seeing this More confused than ever before lol

    • @Shane E 1st season

    • @hungrynapps first season? 2nd season gets mundane... but yeah its weird lol

    • Me too...lol ...literally on episode 6

  • Jesse and Pink Floyd? Ok, now you have my attention.

  • Comments from Pink Floyd's Brain Damage brought me here.

  • Dark side of the Moon we're gonna see an earth shattering plot in season 3. hope Maeve returns.

  • Jesseeeeee!!!

  • best way to end a trailer!

  • What did I just watched?

  • This show could have been so much better if Jonathan Nolan could give up on feeling like he is the smartest person in the fucking room, all the time. You are not making a good show right now, you are making a really shitty puzzle that no one gives a fuck abkut.

  • nooooooo the best show are those who have their ending thought out beforehand westworld was alwast perfect as it were this is blasphemy

  • Yeah Science

  • I am sorry but is this really WW? wtf.

  • Whadup biatchhh

  • Wooww..

  • Aaron Paul? i'm in

  • Does this remind anyone else of the movie Strange Days?

  • I'm surprised he never said "Bitch"

  • Am I the only person that thought season 2 was dog shit


  • Yeah... Science,bitch...🙌

  • Arrepiante

  • 0:59 Breaking Bad vibe

  • Tutar bu dizi

  • WWIII?

  • More SJW trash? I'll pass.

  • So they gonna cook some meth in Westworld biatch

  • Jesse, we have to cook

  • thought i would hate this without ed harris and nolan fkn crushes another

  • I like this

  • Brain Damage - i'm in!

  • Science bitch!

  • Lmao this show criticizes humans for staying in loops and there are comments complaining about the show not staying in Westworld

  • Jessi pinkman

  • Jesse pinkman is back

  • I will be dissapointed if aaron do not use biatch😑😑

  • Is that aaron? Yo biatch❣️💕💕💕💕

  • 0:40 notice how BORED changes to AMUSED. They're definitely hosts.

  • Who's here just because Pink Floyd?

  • Freeze all motor functions. Analysis...

  • Pink Floyd makes the trailer great. So hyped.

  • He is missing mr. white

  • Hell Yeah ! 👏 Aaron Paul in WESTWORLD ! 🤘 👍 😎

  • and then Arya arrive at westworld, confused, And this is now we understand that Westeros was just a prototype of a new parc...

  • I really hope Ed Harris join the Third season of Westworld...Maybe in black and the gun on his hip and his black horse,,,,Coming riding Down Manhattan....Thatb would be awful….

  • Season 2 was disappointing, but enlisting Aaron Paul might make me wanna watch Season 3.

  • Jesse pinkman

  • okay so westworld has no westworld now??.... i really want some cowboys and LOGAN!!

    • BFFL&F Video Logan literally stole every scene, Ben Barnes is the second coming of Christ.

  • This is going to be shit, but I'll enjoy watching it, Like the second movie.

  • 1:11 host?

  • It feels like nothing but a simple shit.


  • @0:59 Man on the Dark Side of the Moon

  • I was waiting for Agent Smith to come walking up outta nowhere.

  • First I watched this trailer, then watched the whos s01 and s02 and now re-watching the trailer. Aaron Paul is love❤️

  • This reminds me of Season 4 of Prison Break, a Season that has nothing to do with any actual prison break.

    • @Ukaran no. has it ocurred to u show is coming next year and still under development and these footages are from few scenes? its just a teaser, not a full trailer.

    • @Umer Noman No. And you? Did you miss the Westworld park in this Westworld trailer?

    • did u miss Dolores at the end and the way Aaron wakes up?

  • Yeah bitches that's my new life

  • Forget Westworld. I more hyped to see a show about Aaron Paul trying to find meaning in a dystopian future.

  • This is perhaps the best trailer HBO has ever done.

  • this is either going to be super good...or super bad

  • if you dont know whats going on in this trailer you didnt actually watch all of S2

  • oh HELL yeah!

  • How does this have to do with anything from S01 and S02?????

  • When the name is "Westworld" but there is no west anymore... wtf HBO?

  • Holy moly

  • Is that mr White's student?


  • I need to watch this show asap. Especially beacuase of Aaron Paul

    • He isn't in s01 or s02. We have no idea what he's doing here.

  • Season 1: epic Season 2: utter shit Season 3: ?

  • Pinkman!