Why Your Aikido Will Fail on the Street -The Truth

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  • You can't grab the arm of the person throwing a hook cause the circular motion of a hook is very powerful. Pacquiao blocks hooks by raising his elbow. Only an elbow can block a hook. After blocking the hook with an elbow, you may then be able to grab the person's arm. Raising an elbow to block a hook is called "high Fook Sau" is Wing Chun.

  • Aikido does work because your trained for different situations There’s simple stuff that does work but if you have time then you can do something a bit more complex that is more effective It all depends on what’s actually going on really

  • Your like master Wong

  • Your Aikido just turned into my Krav Maga

  • True :-) 8 years of aikido and 30 years of karate have me revisit old O-Sensei tapes. Old Aikido was brutal. Atemi was a critical element. It's important to be realistic. If one doesn't manage to avoid a fight, the goal should be to finish it with the next technique. Period. (Especially for us older women.)

  • Aikido is bs

    • Aikido has changed a lot over the years. It's good exercise and a can be a good spiritual discipline if you can avoid the cult-like adherence some schools practice. I still use a lot of aiki moves in my karate. I think of it as a useful component.

  • Great Guy!! Helpfull

  • So effective.thank you...🙏from Algeria

  • I like the trees

  • Yep I'm a 5'3" woman, this is really going to work for me! 🙏🙏🙏😂😂😂

  • great when you are larger and the ttacker overextends

  • Aikido is not someone punch someone in their face. Aikido is defending without doing any harm. And btw, finally it will work on the street if you practice and practice. Edit: 1:29 that part i've practice a few weeks ago for the first time. I started Aikido in april. But this looks wonderful too, Aikido combination with a fighting technique.

    • Look up old videos of Ueshiba Sensei (O-sensei) and watch him hit people. Aikido has changed a lot over the years toward a soft practice. Parts of it work, but parts are unrealistic on the street. However, it's a fun martial art and great exercise, and can provide a lovely spiritual practice. I did it for 8 years, and I taught for 4 of those. No regrets - but I did end up moving on. P.S. THE FALLS!!! OMG, the most useful part of Aikido are the falls. I fell off a horse once and did a breakfall and it saved my neck.

  • Hapkido is good.

  • I found that neck crank technique to be pretty complex in mechanics actually.

  • The point is: you can’t do correct aikido techniques, you don’t know the correct points where grab your sparring partner.

  • This is so stupid

  • You say Imi nagi. I say rimi nage. Ha. It's Irimi Nage. You've obviously dabbled in Aikido...it's the best martial art and very graceful and a great art to learn just as a base before bjj or whatever else you go on to learn. You are right..it's very technical and complicated and easy to get confused....SO...I just wanted to say it's great that you're sharing your knowledge and "real world" experience to keep things simple n straight forward.

  • He tapped into something that is well known in Aiki....mindset with certain movements is critical to its effectiveness of the technique :)

  • This is retarded.

  • first rule of a boxer: keep the chin low

  • Beat taekwondo if u can haha

  • Like all martial arts it will just tell you how to fight & defence will style, technique & there are rules of engagement. All those things won't apply to a street fight. It's not about how much you learn but how you apply them.

  • I know run-kido. I train in the arts of track and field

  • I'v seen this guy what the heck ! don't remember which club but somewhere in Central London, Dstrkt or Tiger Tiger

  • Nice and effective moves. Will I be wrong though, to say that you already knew his attack move so your hands were already positioned for the block and counter attack? What if this was an opponent you did not know or a group attack. What would be the best counter moves? Thank you for your kind reply. Will be watching your videos from here on in.

  • Funny guy

  • the parry at 3.15 is terrible. it wont work against some one that can punch not a chance. i fought in thailand for a few years when i was younger i have experience

  • Simple straight forward and effective.

  • Choose the idiots you learn from..

  • A sumo wrestler teaching us about Aikido.

  • Let me get a bouncer your size and prove to you it works..learning from a bouncer...

  • When one small guy attacked me with straight punch i did iriminage or whatever it is spelling...

  • What's the best way to grab Mike Tyson when he hooks and would Aikido utterly destroy Mile Tyson if he came at ya with his over rated inferior stupid boxing?

  • From what I've read, Aikido is all about not hurting the other person. So, yeah, not exactly the best on the street if you want to survive, but still the most practical way to take someone down with no injuries on either side, if you have some kind of moral or legal issue with hurting people. Plus, if you train enough, any fighting style becomes simple and straightforward; you don't even have to think about what you're doing, you just do it.

    • I've sparred with aikido guys, few friends of mine and if I was to bet on a fight between someone with zero training, and someone who's trained aikido for 10 years, I'd bet on the former

  • If you want to see real Aikido techniques concepts vs MMA BJJ Judo Wrestling fighters LIVE watch gr-tv.com/tv/%CE%B2%CE%AF%CE%BD%CF%84%CE%B5%CE%BF-n6BaK-huDRU.html

  • Great techniques! Just fast and simple and effective! I have a question. I've never ever do aikido or any marcial art. Is it possible to do these techniques effectively? Thanks from Argentina 🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • spinning left elbow....watch out.....

  • Ko je ovdje zbog vase bakocevica da vidimo jeli ovo stavrno idiotski 😂

  • We'll find out when I kick you in the sack how well my Aikido does, won't we?

  • It's really funny actually, you tell that Aikido would not work, but what you're proposing as response to different attacks, are the bases of Aikido... You say that Aikido's techniques are really complex, but not all of them ! Maybe we're just going further... And please don't forget the philosophy and everything, i think Aikido teaches to see people and attacks coming, before they come, so you can't react with different way that a fight... And don't forget that aikido teaches you to fall, to stand up quicly, and to respond with stick too ...

  • Aikido is the Wal-Mart of martial arts, if ur thinking about doing martial arts do jiu jitsu, judo, mui tie etc anything but this useless shit

  • if aiki taught that from day one people would have more respect for it. Its always the simple stuff that works

  • Any training will save your ass against an opponent with none

  • Horseshit

  • Excelentttttt regardsssssssss since Montevideo Uruguay

  • Good one man

  • Is this a rap video or an akido instructional guide? Seriously, whats with all of the histrionics?

  • Hey big mouthed dude with bad Aikido. I challenge you to prove that these obnoxious Aikido techniques work in real life. So you can post a real sparring match, or you can come spar me or my brother. We enjoy helping people like you out. Especially your followers. So we can work out the details. If you are in the WA area. We run a dojo in Tacoma WA.

  • Circumstance is the presentable dish.

  • So... basically Kung Fu. Got it.

  • Is this London? I know this isn't the point of the video, look how well urbanized the streets are. Parking and pedestrians on the same level so cars drive slower. Guiding poles, greenery. Anyway...

    • Glengall Road,Kilburn,London.

    • Probably London - I'm from London and he's got a very London City accent

  • If a martial artist is talking about how “simple” it is to grab a guy’s head in a random, spontaneous street fight.......

  • 1. Not everybody is so strong to block and punch so you have to do the tecknic

  • very good video been following u guy for awhile now......and take note....in the movies its done too perfection too show how the move is done and how it looks......but in a real fight I myself have been into self-defence for 52 years now and as a former bouncer/security for many night clubs in the Hollywood and west Hollywood areas.....im all about putting the person down period with the moves like your showing here when u do this for so long so have a tendacy to shorten everything up and make it to where u can put him down quickly and make him fell some pain....too let then know enough is enough......I do enjoy the videos......

  • What are these martial arts you are showing?

  • Well I'm a fast bastard, I run and then I hide so well, no one can fucking find me. I've never been punched in the face even once. I'm a legend.

  • No need, I pack a Kimber baby 45

  • Back in the 1970s, my friend got a book on karate, black belt. One day he thought that he would start a fight. Well he got his butt handed to him..lol..

  • i like this move but i always do it differently

  • Thats right no fancy kicks like taekwondo kicks nor aikido fantasies i like it!

  • I was trained in Tae Kwon Do. This Aikido is a wee bit complicated, but there must be a purpose for this martial art to be this way! Also, for the most part, I agree with you on the points you made in this GR-tv training, advice video, Aikidoflow. Besides, most people who are interested in martial arts cannot actually defend themselves very well, because I am one of them! I only reached the rank of yellow belt. In the real world it is not always the same in theory, and practice; I'd say it is up to 90%, the rest could change, or be different. Aikidoflow, thank you for the advice.

  • Such good aikido techniques, I would like to see you fighting on the real street contest...

  • You're gonna do this you're gonna do that ..... yeah, easy.

  • I think you missed the point of Aikido, it's about not harming yourself or others! Go back to Aikido 101

  • Haha you show the nihon jujutsu techniques as effective :D it's why I'm training that, not aikido

  • simple answer. run away. martial art techniques are quite good but you have to be VERY fast. Bruce lee was Soooooooo fast he'd hit you in1 second........

    • Sorry but Bruce Lee weighed less than the average women, the average bloke could toss him around like a rag doll, its all about grappling striking is secondary.

  • at aikido here they first teach to take eye balls out and knock down the attacker to hit the neck just like you showed at the video. 1:56. if someone comes with a knife, hook, baseball stick the bending, twisting technics are dangerous and takes time to block the attack. everything happens in half second. so aikido won't fail at streets. in fact it is the only martial arts you can survive from a multiple attackers. try to make box, jiu jitsu, karate, wing chun and you can beat one or two but you will miss the third one. that is b/c at aikido training 6 people attacks you at the same time. it is the only martial arts works on streets.

  • it is 100% bullshit.... fighting is a two way street ... each party focus on hooks to come...Aikido works in a controlled environment but not in real fight..Real fight is about OUT FOCUS YOUR OPPONENT , SPEED and POWER. If you got those three you will take your opponent down.

  • aikido fail on the street,i don't se that?

  • stfu

  • "And i'm taking him down" And then you don't know what to do after that because aikidoka sucks at ground

  • I like your skill and you are a good instructor.

  • He forgot the ki training!

  • Being a lion in a street fight with a man wins the fight, Aikido in this video is impractical and all choreographed projection and routes of unnatural motion, people in street fights dont hit like pansies...even a woman who is trained will end the man in blue in a few seconds..

  • Yeah, yeah. As well as many other oriental "martial arts". Only good old boxing (augmented with some wrestling skills) can be of some real use in the streets.

  • Akido is for leftist/pro communism pussies who think we should use rubber rounds in the next war.

  • I just loooooove the music in all the Aikidoflow videos.

  • well if a person whos fighting you that does have a plan probably going fail true

  • I understand that your techniques can be effective. However, in my humble opinion, this is not Aikido. You are resisting the attack. Aikido is to accept the attack redirecting the force's flow. There shouldn't be resistance.

    • Pablo Rodrigo Darde That doesn't work very well in real situations though. I don't know why you would limit your aikido to make it less effective in live situations.

  • Nobody run faster than bullet.

  • Switch the colors around and liberals would say this is racist.

  • 5:21 It may be all about defense, but if you don't let the wookie win he will come back with a big gun and hurt you worse.

  • 4:13 LMAO!!!! Movie moves where you snap the person's neck. We're not doing that ...in this vid. :)

  • 3:15 BANG! CRACK! man, could you please put this in a video game, or at least help me develop it somehow with Unity.

  • 1:48 BANG! lmao!!!! holy lawsuit steven segal, you broke my jaw!!!! Woooooooo. Nice move, I'm gonna try that in my next brawl. I bet that works good if someone is just standing threatening to fight. It might take the will to fight out fast. Highyaaaaaaaa!!!!! Can you make a video game for us please? :)

  • i do aikido and my favourit technique is: ! R U N N I N G !

  • First of All : Aikido is an art of peace and that’s why Ueshiba created it !!! For peace and not for violence... Yes you can use some techniques from it but boxing or MMA are more helpful for a street fight And this is why i don’t agree with this video

  • I'd say he's got a point. If you're about to get into a fight (and most of the time you know it's at least likely) your body fires some adrenaline at you. That immediately has some interesting effects that give you extra strength and speed, but trade that for your precision, timing and peripheral vision. Add that most bouncers are wearing fairly restrictive clothing (box jackets, coats - because they stand out in the cold!), and your chances of pulling off an intricate technique probably aren't very good. A drunken brawl outside the dog-and-duck at 2am in January is very different from practicing with a mate on Thursday evening in the Dojo.

  • Loi de l'Algorythme gro ?

  • lol, yeah. good luck with all that. good way to get your ass kicked fella.

  • hahaha, in a real fight all these attacks wont occur in slow motion and as predictable, so you moves advice are laughable.

  • When someone attacks me on the street, my technique is very simple: I shit my pants. So simple. So very simple.

  • In my experience, in a streetfight, not even simple technics work. But the sense of the video is pretty right and it's no fail to think about it

  • “It works great, it’s effective “ hahhaahahahahahahah right,

  • Keep it simple...... TAKE HIM DOWN......

  • Nice

  • Hmmm well I only recently found out that moving the head suddenly at 30 degrees can break the neck. Not a nice thing to happen if you simply want to get someone out of the door of a public house.

  • Couldn’t agree more. When I took Krav Maga (Israeli Krav, not American Krav), it was very much step in, close the gap and basic strikes to the neck, face, and ears to “shock the system” more or less. Keep it simple, but ferocious. Great video, man.

  • but is it effective against attacking wife?

    • yall mothafuckas need jesus

  • Your technic are Shit , sorry.